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Small oil processing machine
Small oil processing machine

ABC Machinery has been in oil processing equipment manufacturing industry for 30 years more. We are a hi-tech company with rich experiences in designing, manufacturing, installing, commissioning, raining, and more. Our oil making machine for business has been popular with customers with from domestic and foreign market for its reliable quality, comprehensive service and reasonable price. We have exported oil mill machinery and setted up cooking oil processing plant in many countries, including Australia, India, America, Togo, Tanzania, Nigeria, Jamaica, Brazil, Korean, Indonesia, Philippines, etc.


Oil Crops for Vegetable Oil Extracting

Vegetable oils can be extracted from various oil seeds and oil crops, including soybean, peanut/groundnut, sunflower seeds, castor seeds, mustard seeds, sesame seeds, rapeseeds, palm fruit/palm kernel, coconut/copra, cotton seeds, rice bran, corn germ, jatropha, neem seed, flaxseeds, niger seeds, black cumin seeds, grape seed, walnut, etc. (Related Post: Groundnut Oil Business Plan >>)

Small Oil Press Can Process Raw Materials
Small Oil Press Can Process Raw Materials

Through years of development and research, practical experiences, we have all the equipment to deal with almost all the oilseeds and oil crops, from the seeds treatment, oil extraction, oil filtering, oil refining, oil filling and oil packaging. Please note that different raw materials may have a little difference in its oil manufacturing process and detailed equipment. If you don’t know how to choose the right equipment for your raw materials, please contact us for the professional and technical suggestion!

Hot Sale Small Screw Oil Extraction Machine - 1~20T/D

The most widely used oil extraction machine in today’s market is screw oil press machine. It adopts mechanical pressing principle to squeeze oil from raw materials by the screw. The three and four stage pressing of screw oil expeller allows higher oil output at one time. The general capacity of screw oil press machine by ABC Machinery is 1~20 tons per day.

Small oil machine manufacturer
Small oil machine manufacturer
Screw oil press machine price
Screw oil press machine price

Small Screw Oil Expeller Machine Parameters

Model Capacity (T/D) Power (Kw-4P) Outline Dimension (MM³) Weight (KG)
YZS-85 1.4-2 5.5 120*400*900 260
YZS-95 3.5-5 7.5~11 1600*700*1350 530
YZS-105 4-7T 15 1850*700*1350 580
YZS-128 7-9 15 2000*800*1170 720
YZS-130 10-12 18.5 2010*800*1380 820
YZS-150 18-20 30 2180*790*1790 1060


Screw oil press machine can be assembled easily and has smooth oil pressing performance. It is small in size, simple in operation and has been the optimal choice to start small scale oil mill for business purpose. (Related Post: Mini Oil Mill Project Cost >>)

Small Oil Extraction Machine Operation Video

Standards to Choose a Good Oil Machine Manufacturer & Supplier

We actively explore the international market and focus on improve the quality of oil processing machine. In order to better meet customers' requirements, we have professional installation and commissioning team to help customer set up the oil processing plant projects.

  Reliable oil machine manufacturer
Reliable oil machine manufacturer

  • Equipment Quality and Cost: the main motivation to choose a good grease equipment supplier is to ensure the quality of equipment while reducing the cost.
  • Reliability: the manufacturer must provide absolute availability
  • Professional Skills & Knowledge: the expertise of the manufacturer or supplier in the oil and grease industry
  • Problem Solving Ability: in any communication with the manufacturer, the manufacturer shows the ability to solve problems.
  • Support: many companies are shrinking in size as they work more closely with suppliers, which means they rely more heavily on suppliers for implementation, training, technical maintenance or related services. Providing full support has become as important as the technology or the service itself.
  • Culture: there is no doubt that suppliers with a healthy corporate culture and an aggressive and dedicated attitude are more likely to focus on the interests of customers, to achieve their goals and strive for excellence.
  • Perfect Service: perfect service is indispensable to good suppliers, can provide quality full service suppliers are very competitive.

abc machinery
abc machinery

Hydraulic Oil Press Machine at Factory Price - 8~20KG/Batch

Hydraulic oil press makes use of the hydraulic oil through pump pressure transfer pressure. It is equipped with temperature control device. The oil is extracted in the state of high pressure. The oil extraction process by hydraulic oil press is totally physical and ensure 100% of pure oil. It can achieve cold pressing. (Related Post: Cold Pressed Oil Machine for Business >>)

Hydraulic oil press machine at factory price
Hydraulic oil press machine at factory price
Cold pressing hydraulic oil press machine
Cold pressing hydraulic oil press machine

Cold Press Hydraulic Oil Press Machine Parameters

Model Capacity
of Oil Tank (mm)
of Oil Cake (MM)
of Material Hopper (MM)
Pressure (T)
6YY-190 8 190 235 400 170 41 1000*970*1420 1.05 1.5
6YY-220 10 220 248 470 227 47 1150*1000*1600 1.4 1.5
6YY-220B 12 220 270 470 227 40 1180*1000*1600 1.45 1.5
6YY-270 15 270 300 465 343 48.6 1200*1150*1550 1.6 2.2
6YY-270B 20 270 339 465 343 41 1250*1200*1550 1.68 2.2


Hydaulic oil press machine is suitable for walnut, groundnut, sesame seeds, almond, camellia seeds, etc. Many sesame oil factory has updated their old equipment with hydraulic oil press machine to improve the oil quality and production output. (Related Project: 10TPH Sesame Oil Processing Plant in Thailand >>)


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