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What is Cold Pressing?

Cold pressing is an oil extracting method for oil production. In recent years, cold pressing is more and more popular, and was introduced by many Edible Oil Production Line due to the high value of final cold-pressed oil. Cold pressing has strict requirements for the oil pressing temperature and quality of raw materials. The nutrients of cold pressed oil can be maintained to the utmost extend. And the cold pressed oil has a clear color and a light taste, and can be stored for a longer time. However, the oil yield of cold pressing method is relatively low compared to hot pressing method. (Latest Post: Business Plan of a Small Scale Groundnut Oil Processing Mill >>)

cold pressing for various oilseeds
Oilseeds Suitable for Cold Pressing

What Raw Materials Suitable for Cold Pressing?
Actually, most oilseeds are suitable for cold pressing. But, choosing cold pressing or hot pressing should take a lot of factors into consideration, such as capacity, budget, oil purposes, etc. Cold pressing is more popular oil extraction method for some of oil plant or oil-bearing seeds, including coconut, hemp seed, olive, flaxseed, baobab seed, mustard seed, jojoba, moringa seed, peanut/groundnut, soybean, castor seeds, etc.

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Cold Press Oil Machine Types

As the increasing demand of cold press oil machine, many manufactuerer and supplier start to provide cold press oil extraction machine. ABC Machinery, the top-leading oil processing machinery manufacturer and supplier, provides Screw Oil Cold Press Machine and Hydraulic Cold Press Oil Machine to meet customer's needs for cold pressing. You are welcomed to send the quick inquiry to get machine parameters and detailed price list.

cold press oil machine at factory price
Screw Type (Left) & Hydraulic Type (Right)

Screw Oil Cold Press Machine

In order to meet the expand needs for cold oil extraction, we have developed screw oil cold press machine based oil Screw Oil Press Machine that adopts physical mechanical pressing method to squeeze oil out from the raw materials. Below is one model of YZS-128 small cold press oil machine. It is equipped with conveyor for automatic oil pressing. Stainless steel oil tray and cover are very convenient for cleaning, so it can help the quality of final oil.

automatic screw oil cold press machine
YZS-128 Small Cold Press Oil Machine
factory price cold press oil machine for sales
YZS-128 Screw Cold Press Oil Expeller


Features of Screw Cold Press Oil Expeller Machine

  • Combined with advanced mechanical cold pressing technology for best oil extraction results
  • Compact and scientific design for lest space and easy operation
  • Upscale carbon steel and stainless steel for sturdy cold oil extractor
  • Suitable for various raw materials, including coconut, castor, soybean, peanuts, rapeseeds and more.
  • The feeding mechanism switches v-belt wheel with tension pulley for easy adjustment and smooth raw material feeding
  • Helical gear design in the gearbox is contribute to stable screw shaft pressing and high transmission efficiency and less noises.


Hydraulic Cold Press Oil Machine

Hydraulic cold press oil machine is a Hydraulic Oil Press that uses hydraulic oil to pressurize and transmit pressure through an oil pump. The machine is equipped with a temperature control device to make the oil come out under high pressure.

hydraulic oil press for cold oil extraction
Hydraulic Oil Press for Cold Pressing
hydraulic coil press oil machien for sales
Hydraulic Cold Press Oil Machine


Features of Hydraulic Cold Press Oil Machine

  • Simple structure, power saving, low power consumption, small footprint
  • Pure physical oil pressing, does not damage the oil ingredients, natural and pollution-free, pure oil quality, rich aroma.
  • Simple operation, high oil output rate, less wearing parts replacement
  • Mechatronics design, beautiful appearance, simple operation, one person can operate multiple units

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 Cold Pressing Process for Oilseeds

Typical cold oil extraction process for vegetable oil seeds is Seeds Selection and Cleaning → Oil Pressing → Oil Filtration. Surely, the actual cold oil pressing process should be based on all the factors, including quality of raw materials, requirements for the final oil, actual oil production conditions and more! Please contact us directly to get the customized plan for your cold pressing oil production business.

Small Scale Cold Pressing Line

Cold pressing reduces the process of high temperature heating and separates the oil out from the raw materials by huge physical mechanical pressure. The whole cold oil extraction process incorporates modern high-tech filtration and purification technologies. (Related Machine: Plate and Frame Oil Filter Machine >>).

Importantly, there is no any pollution and chemical additions for the mechanical cold pressing. The cold-press oil contains natural nutrition and original biological activity since there are no steaming, frying, leaching or other process that is for high oil yield, but can damage the nutrition. The mechanical cold pressing process is performed at a low temperature. The obtained cold pressed oil does not need to be further refined like a conventional oil and can meet the edible oil standard only through filtration. It is a green and environmentally friendly production technology suitable for producing high-quality oil from high oil-containing oil bearing raw materials.

What is the Difference between Cold Pressed Coconut Oil and Virgin Coconut Oil?

As above mentioned, cold pressing doesn’t involve any heating and chemical additions, and is performed at low temperature conditions. Cold pressed coconut oil is obtained through cold pressing process. Virgin coconut oil refers to oil obtained from fresh coconut. It is the first oil from coconut. High-quality virgin coconut oil is transparent and colorless when it is in the liquid state, and it is white as snow when it is in the solidified state. (Related Post: Coconut Oil Extraction Machine for Business >>)

virgin coconut oil by cold press oil machine
Virgin Coconut Oil Extracted by Our Screw Cold Press Oil Machine

ABC Machinery dedicates to provide the most cost effective Oil Press Machine for our customers and help them get more profits through oil production business. We are your trustable cold press oil machine manufacturer. Our cold press oil expeller machine is suitable for various oil bearing seeds, including peanut, coconut, rapeseed, soybeans, castor and more. You are welcomed to write us for more detailed parameters and information!

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