Iran 50TPD Corn Oil Production Line & 15TPD Refinery Plant Project Has Been Completed and Put into Use

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Recently, Iran 50TPD corn oil production line and 15TPD corn oil refinery project, which was constructed by our company (ABC Machinery), has been completed and ready for smooth operation. 

The project from plant and process design, equipment manufacturing and transportation, on-site installation and commissioning, personnel training are all responsible for the completion of our company, to provide customers with a one-stop complete service.

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Iran Corn Oil Extraction and Refinery Plant

Iran Corn Oil Production Plant & Corn Oil Refinery Plant Project Introduction and Presentation

The client company, FFNAB Co., is the leading and largest corn wet milling plant in the Middle East. The corn mill produces a by-product, corn germ, which the customer wants to utilize to create more value. Therefore, the customer purchased our corn germ oil extraction and refining plant for more profit.

Main Equipment List in this Iran Corn Oil Processing Plant Project

The project includes 50 tons per day of corn germ oil pressing machines and 15 tons per day of intermittent edible oil refining equipment, the customer prepares its own boiler equipment, and the others are conventional configurations.

  • Corn Oil Extraction Machines: magnetic separator, cleaning machine, destoning machine, flaking machine, steam cooker, oil press machines, oil filter machine......
  • Corn Oil Refining Machines: Heat conduction furnace, steam generator, refining pot, decolorizing pot, deodorizing pot, and other auxiliary equipments......

For more information about equipment for corn germ oil production process and prices, please do not hesitate to contact us!​

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Engineering Triumphs:ABC‘s Corn Germ Oil Production Plant Project Showcase

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Machines are Boxed for Shipment
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Corn Oil Production Line-Extraction Part
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Corn Oil Production Line-Refinery Part
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Group Photo of ABC's Installation Engineers and Iran Customers

ABC Machinery Achieves Milestone with Successful Corn Oil Processing Project in Iran, Upholding Commitment to Quality and Innovation!

ABC Machinery has always been committed to providing customers with the highest quality services and state-of-the-art solutions, and the successful completion of the corn oil processing and refining project in Iran has once again verified our commitment. We will continue to uphold the concepts of efficiency, innovation and cooperation to provide customers with excellent products and services and create a better future together.

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Is It Profitable to Start a Corn Oil Processing Plant Business in Iran?

Considering the potential and opportunities in the Iranian market, the establishment of a corn oil processing plant could be an attractive business opportunity. You can get professional advice by contacting us.

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  • Abundant corn growing resources and large population resources reduce production costs.

Iran has abundant resources for maize cultivation, which means raw material procurement costs are likely to be low. In addition, Iran's large population and relatively low labor costs contribute to lower production costs and higher profit potential.

  • Increase in population and health perception ensures stable market demand.

Corn oil as a common edible oil in Iran has a stable demand in the local market. With the increase in demand for healthy food, the demand for natural and additive-free fats and oils is also on the rise, which further stimulates the growth of the corn oil market.

  • Government support and incentives reduce the initial investment cost of processing plants business.

The government may provide certain support and incentives such as tax breaks, subsidies, and preferential interest rates on loans to the companies in the country, which helps in lowering the initial investment cost of the business and improves profitability.

  • Process technology and equipment innovation increases profit margins.

Through the introduction of advanced corn oil extraction and refinery process technologies, production efficiency can be improved and energy consumption reduced, thereby lowering production costs, and increasing profit margins.

China is at the world's advanced level in technological innovation of grain and oil machinery. ABC Machinery can customize the solution with the best profit according to customers' needs.

Overall, Iran is a potential market with abundant resources and market demand. Opening a corn oil processing plant in Iran can be a great investment opportunity if you are able to develop a proper oil processing business plan and take full advantage of local resources and government support. (Reference Article: Business Plan of Starting A Small Groundnut Oil Processing Mill>>)

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