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Most of the common edible oils are vegetable fats and oils, crude oils produced in the oil mill plant through pressing method, solvent extraction method and water substitution methods. The impurities in the crude oil affects the edible value and safe storage of the vegetable oil, it needs to be processed before it can be consumed in order to have a market value.

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By exploring in-depth the nuances of different edible oil refinery processes and equipment, you can obtain high-quality refined oils, successfully start a profitable edible oil refining business, and make informed investment decisions. If you are planning to invest in the edible oil refining industry, you can start with a mini/small oil refinery plant.

In this column, we will provide you with insights into the advanced edible oil refining processes and equipment used for different cooking oils, such as coconut oil, sunflower oil, soybean oil, rice bran oil, castor seed oil, rapeseed oil, groundnut/peanut oil, palm (kernel) oil and many more.

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ABC Machinery can provide you with customized cooking oil extraction and refinery plant solutions, please mail to us with your raw material oil type and other requirements.

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Understanding Oil Refinery Process Characteristics of Vegetable Oils

Typically, the edible oil refining process consists of the following four main steps: 

  • Degumming Process - Removing colloidal impurities, phospholipids and some proteins from the crude oil.
  • Deacidification Process- Removal of free fatty acids (FFA) by neutralization with alkali, also known as alkaline refining.
  • Decolorization/Bleaching Process - Removal of color pigments from the crude oil by adsorbents.
  • Dewaxing/Winterization Process- Freeze crystallization to precipitate waxes, separation and filtration to remove (Note: this step is required for high wax content, e.g., rice bran oil contains high wax content, about 3%-9%)
  • Deodorization Process- High temperature distillation at reduced pressure to remove odorous substances

The refining process characteristics of different kinds of edible oils have specific requirements according to their raw material characteristics and the demand of final products, and the selection of suitable refining methods can ensure the quality of refined oil and the retention of nutrients.

For example
► The acid value of crude rice bran oil is very high, generally in 8-20mg (KOH)/g, alkaline refining loss is big, in order to reduce the refinery cost, physical refining method can be used;
► Secondly, the wax content is high, need to add the de-waxing process;
► Thirdly, the color of crude rice bran oil are darker, and the de-coloring process is more complicated.

Clarifying the specific requirements of the refinery process for different edible oils is not only the basis for investors to ensure the quality and safety of refined oils and fats, but also the key to improving market competitiveness, optimizing production costs and efficiency, ensuring regulatory compliance and enhancing profitability.

Tailored Edible Oil Refinery Plant Solutions by ABC: Guide to Profitable Business

ABC Machinery’s edible oil refinery machines utilizes an advanced control system and a versatile design, so that enabling it to be applied to many types of vegetable oils in most cases without extensive modifications or adjustments.

The advanced control system and versatile design of our refining equipment allows it to be used for many types of vegetable oils in most cases without extensive modifications or adjustments.

For some specific oils, some additional oil refinery equipment or customized adjustments may be required as appropriate. This flexibility not only improves productivity, but also reduces costs for the customer, allowing them to better adapt to changes in market demand.

The modular design of ABC’s edible oil processing machines makes us the ideal oil refining plant manufacturer/supplier, whether you are looking to refurbish or expand on an existing oil refinery plant, or install a new refining and processing line. Our engineering team has the experience and expertise to provide customized solutions to meet the specific needs of our customers, ensuring that the oil pressing and refining machines can achieve optimum performance and results.

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