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YZS-95 Screw Oil Press Machine

YZS-95 oil press machine is the HOT product of our screw oil processing machine. Its excellent oil pressing capacity make it become a favorite by customers for a long time. YZS-95 oil pressing machine is not only great choice for small scale oil mill plants, but also can form medium scale oil processing factory. It optimizes your investment cost and offer maximized profits.


peanut oil press machine
YZS-95 Oil Press Machine

YZS-95 Oil Press Machine at Factory

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Peanut Oil Press Machine

Peanut oil press machine (Highest Benefits & Shortest Profit Cycle) is the No.1 choice of most oil mill owners largely because it has the shortest operating time, the highest efficiency and the maximum profit. The peanut oil press propels the materials forward continuously within the pressing chamber extracts oil under dynamic extrusion effect.

peanut oil press at factory price

Peanut Oil Press at Factory Price

Apart from hopper, the pressing chamber, composed of a screw shaft and cylinder press cage, is the main pressing section. Although a high quality and efficient peanut oil press machine is a very important factor for profits of peanut oil making business, the stable and long-term peanut supply is another factor to ensure highest and longest profits. (You may be interested in Setup Peanut Oil Production Line>>)

Model Capacity Power Weight Outline Dimension
YZS-95 Peanut Oil Press 150-200kg/h
7.5-11kw 530kg 1600*700*1350mm3

How to Make Tasty Peanut Oil with Screw Oil Press Machine?

Peanut oil is one of the cooking oils human prefer because of its rich aroma and various fatty acids and unsaturated fatty acid. It is not only for cooking, but also for salads. However, the quality and tasty peanut oil making cannot be separated from peanut oil press machine. ABC Machinery, with at least two decades history, is a professional manufacturer of various peanut oil equipment. Here, you can get the most cost effective and quality backed peanut oil pressing machine. YZS-95 oil press is suitable for peanut oil making. How is peanut oil pressing?

small peanut oil pressing line for sales
Small Peanut Oil Pressing Line (3.5T~5T/24Hrs)
  • Select good peanut before pressing the oil
  • Remove the shell and impurities of peanut after the peanut is selected
  • Cook the prepared peanuts by steaming or frying to make the original water in the peanut evaporate, making it more suitable for oil peanut oil pressing. (Tips: when frying, the peanuts should be stirred evenly. The frying time is usually about 20 minutes or so. Please avoid paste because it can cause more residue in oil pressing. )
  • Press the oil out by peanut oil press
  • Filter and clarify the crude peanut oil for edible purpose
peanut oil press machines in oil mill
Peanut Oil Press Machines in Oil Mill Plant
The above is the preparation and pressing process of peanut oil making. If you need to know more about peanut oil making technology, you can consult our technician for your solution!

How to Use the Oil Cake Extracted from Peanut Oil Press?

how to use peanut oil cake
The peanut oil cake is the residue of the initial press of peanut oil press, but it is also a kind of oil generally. Peanut has high nutritional values and rich in protein fiber, is very delicious. The peanut oil cake can also be pressing sequentially by peanut oil press to extract the residual oil. Our YZS series peanut oil press machine adopts new type of pressing rings and bars. It can extract the oil of the peanut cake during the second pressing. The pressed peanut oil cake is very wonderful feed for livestock since it still maintains beneficial substances. The oil cake of peanut oil press is widely used, it is a kind of pure natural pollution-free material. Here, ABC Machinery also reminds all our customers to make rational use of resources and save environmental protection.
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