15TPD Soya/Peanut Oil Pressing & 3TPD Oil Refining Line in Togo

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Project Name: Soya and Peanut Oil Pressing and Refining Line
Project Location: Togo
Project Capacity: 15TPD Oil Pressing & 3TPD Oil Refining
Raw Material: Soya and Peanut
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Soya & Peanut Oil Pressing Line in Togo

This soya & peanut oil pressing line with daily capacity of 15 tons oil pressing and 3 tons oil refining was set up in Togo, adjacent to Ghana (See more about Soybean Oil Production Plant in Ghana). It is complete oil processing line that is composed of raw material pre-treatment section, oil pressing section, oil refining section and oil filling and labelling section. To maximize the output of this oil pressing line, it is equipment with three sets of latest soya oil pressing unit. The selection of oil pressing equipment are strictly based on customer’s requirements, low cost, strong capacity, stable performance and high quality. Our new type soya oil pressing equipment can exactly fit all the requirements. Please see more at soybean oil press for more information. Besides, the oil refining section is designed with batch oil refining unit. For most of small scale oil pressing plant, batch oil refining is an ideal choice since it requires low investment while achieving all the functions of edible oil refinery needs. Below are some of the picture of this soya and peanut oil pressing line installation and onsite commissioning, you can have a glimpse.

factory plant of peanut oil pressing line
Oil Pressing Line Factory Location
soya and peantu pretreatment
Soya and Peanut Pretreatment Section
oil press machine installation
Oil Press Mahcines Installation
soya oil pressing unit
Soya and Peanut Oil Pressing Unit
heat conducting oil furnace installation
Heat Conducting Oil Furnace Installation
oil refining unit installation
Soya Oil Refining Unit Installtion
oil refining unit installation
Soya Oil Refining Pot Installation
peanut oil press machine test
Oil Pressing Machine Testing
pictures with clients
Pictures with Clients

Soya and Peanut Oil Pressing Line Working Process

Soya & Peanut Pretreatment Process
The raw materials (soya or peanut) are loaded into destoning machine by elevator, and most impurities in large size are removed from the raw materials. The material separating auger will deliver the soya or peanut into screening machine to remove small impurities, such as shells. Then, the iron contamination or iron impurities within the raw materials are removed by strong magnet. With this, the cleaning process for soya or peanut is completed. Then, cleaned raw materials are deliver into crushing machine to crush materials into small piece for better flaking. Crushed materials are delivered into flaking machine by material separating auger. There, the raw materials are processed into flakes by mechanical extruding force. As for the pre-treatment processes are finished.

Soya & Peanut Oil Pressing Process
Pretreated raw materials are delivered into three sets of oil press machines by material separating auger respectively. Pressed oil will be collected into crude oil tank and the oil cake will be delivered into the meltpit and later processed by labors. The pressing section adopts single screw oil press machine to squeeze oil out. The design of the oil pressing section is based on factory location conditions, production capacity, property of raw materials and others. Combining all the factors, our professional technical engineers will offer a most cost effective and suitable oil pressing machine assembly. So, just tell us what your requirements are, we can offer you a customized ideal oil pressing project design.
soya oil and peanut oil

Soya & Peanut Oil Refining Process
The pressed oil will be filtered with plate and frame oil filter press and stored into the oil take temporally. Then, it will be pumped into edible oil refining unit, including oil refining pot, decoloring pot and deordorizing pot. Then, refined oil is transported into oil storage tank by belt filter. This edible oil refining line adopts batch oil refining method that is very suitable for small scale oil refining needs. Please click batch oil refining for more detailed information!

Soya & Peanut Oil Filling and Labelling Process
Now, it comes to the final process. The refined edible soya and peanut oil is filled by automatic filling machine. The oil filling machine we supplied is completely automatic and with PLC control. After seal-capping by crapping machine and labelled by labeling machine.


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