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In the past years, ABC Machinery actively participate in designing and installation of a great deal of oil pressing plant projects worldwide. We never stop the improvements of our oil pressing machinery under the intense competition in edible oil making market and constantly updated oil pressing technology. Fortunately, we have made many breakthoughts by developing state-of-the-art oil press machines for highest efficient and effective oil extraction. We are providing a variety of advanced screw oil presses, oil pressing lines and oil refining plants for all our customers.

Oil Pressing Plant

The oil pressing plant is now our flagship product. We offer A~Z solutions for different capacity oil production plants to process different oil plants. Under the strict quality control system, every set of oil mill machine we supplied for oil pressing projects is of high quality to ensure highest efficient oil pressing lines. Equipped with our durable and cost-effective oil processing machines, it can produce edible oils and non-edible oils from a wide range of raw materials, including palm kernel, castor bean, mustard, sunflower seeds, soybeans, rapeseeds, peanut, tea seeds, hemp seeds, and more. The common capacity of our oil processing plant varies from 1TPD mini oil pressing line to 400 TPD large scale oil mill plant.
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Oil Pressing Plant (>20TPD)

Oil Pressing Plant Advantages

  • Continuous and stable oil production allows high oil output
  • Very versatile for a very wide range of raw materials, including peanut, corn germ, soybean, cottonseed, flaxseed, mustard seeds, and more.
  • Easy operation and low maintainance require less labors.
  • Can form large scale oil production, both edible oils and non-edible oils.

Oil Pressing Plant Typical Equipment List

Oilseeds Conveying System: Bucket Elevator, Screw Conveyor
Oilseeds Cleaning Section: Cleaning Sieve, Destoning Machine
Oilseeds Crushing Section: Crusher
Flaking Section: Flaker
Cooking Section: Cooker or Steam Cooking Machine
Oil Pressing Section: Oil Press Machine - Single screw oil press or Integrated oil press
Oil Filtering Section: Plate and Frame Filter Press, Automatic Vibrating Filter
Oil Refinery Section: Degumming, Deacidification, Decoloration, Deodorization
Oil Filling Section: Automatic oil fillling machine and labelling machine

Anyway, setting up an oil pressing plant is a complicated process, all the processing equipment should be go through strict selection to ensure final production. As a professional oil millling machinery supplier, we have very practical experiences in oil processing. Therefore, you can totally trust us, or you can have a field trip to our ABC Machinery! We will try our best to meet all your requirements!

Total Cost on Starting an Oil Pressing Plant (>20TPD)

Starting an oil pressing plant (with capacity over 20 tons per day) is a good option to invest on oil making business. It features low operating cost and high profitability. If the location of your oil production plant is right in your raw material production area. Starting an oil pressing mill plant is definitely a great choice. But, how much it may cost? It may be the biggest concern for all of customers. The difference of conditions, capacity, raw materials and oil extraction process may cause different cost for an oil pressing plant. But the basic cost on processing machinery, such as oil extracting equipment and oil refinery machinery, can’t be saved. For detailed cost or any queries and information regarding the oil processing plant and oil processing machines, please kindly feel free to contact ABC Machinery!
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