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What is Hydraulic Oil Press Machine

Hydraulic oil press machine is an oil extraction machine that combines the traditional oil pressing method and modern oil extraction technology. The whole operation process is very convenient and easy. The pretreated oilseeds are loaded into the cylinder for oil pressing. Then, the oil is extracted out from the seeds about 5~7 minutes. Importantly, the oil pressing process is visible for users, so there can't be any  additives during the seeds oil extraction process.

hydraulic oil press machine for sales
Hydraulic Oil Press Machine for Oil Extraction

Hydraulic Oil Press Structure

With mechanical-electrical integration and automation design, hydraulic oil press is mainly composed of Screw Nut, Handle, Top, Barrel, Cylinder, Pressure Gauge, Sump, etc. The design of the hydraulic oil press machine is simple and scientific, which is conducive to easy operation, high oil yield. In actual operation, the hydraulic oil press machine requires less maintenance since it has less quick-wear parts.

hydraulic oil press machine structure
Hydraulic Oil Press Machine Structure

Cold Press Hydraulic Oil Press Machine Parameters

Model Capacity
per Batch (Kg)
of Oil Tank (mm)
of Oil Cake (mm)
of Material Hopper (mm)
Pressure (T)
6YY-190 8 190 235 400 170 41 1000*970*1420 1.05 1.5
6YY-220 10 220 248 470 227 47 1150*1000*1600 1.4 1.5
6YY-220B 12 220 270 470 227 40 1180*1000*1600 1.45 1.5
6YY-270 15 270 300 465 343 48.6 1200*1150*1550 1.6 2.2
6YY-270B 20 270 339 465 343 41 1250*1200*1550 1.68 2.2

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Cold Pressing for Seeds Oil Extraction

Cold pressing technology directly presses the unrolled or unsteamed oilseedsl at room temperature of 65 Degrees Celsius and obtains the oil and oil cake with nutritional value, unchanged molecular structure.

cold press hydraulic oil press machine for oil extraction
Cold Press Hydraulic Oil Press Machine
oil cake by hydraulic oil press machine
Oil Cake by Hydraulic Oil Press Machine

The cold-pressed oil production method belongs to the physical oil pressing method, which is pressurized without heating up and has no effect on the oil nutrients. At the same time, this process not only has the general characteristics of the ordinary oil production process, but also can improve the quality of the oil, avoid harmful substances such as trans-fatty acids and oil polymers caused by high temperature processing, and retain the active substances in the oil. (Read More about Cold Pressed Oil Machine for Business >>)

Hydraulic Oil Press Machine Advantages

Hydraulic oil press machine is great choice for oilseeds oil extraction due to its outstanding features and advantages.  It is now also the cost effective oil extraction machine for lower the Cooking Oil Manufacturing Plant Cost.

hydraulic oil press machine manufacturer and supplier
Hydraulic Oil Press Machine Manufacturer - ABC Machinery

  • Pure Physical Oil Pressing: The oil extraction process is 100% completely physical oil pressing, so the organic ingredients and nutrients in oilseeds can't be destroyed or damaged.
  • Pure Cold Pressing: There is no high temperature during the oil pressing, so the nutrition is contained. The oil quality is good, oil color is pure and the small is more natural.
  • Multi-functional Seeds Oil Extraction: Hydraulic oil press machine is suitable for various oil seeds oil extraction, especially these with great value, such as macadamia nut, pine nut, almond, perilla seeds, camellia seeds, mustard seeds, olive, sesame seeds, etc. And the hydraulic oil press has replaced the advanced equipment for manual operation of sesame oil.

oilseeds hydraulic oil press machine can process
Oilseeds Hydraulic Oil Press Machine can Process

  • Rich Return in Short Period: Hydraulic oil press machine has a shorter payback period due to the high quality oil it pressed and increasing awareness of healthy oils.
  • High Quality Pressed Oil: The vegetable oil pressed by hydraulic oil press machine of higher quality thanks for the pure physical pressing and consistent temperature in the process of cold pressing.
  • Easy & Convenient & Efficient Operation: High level of automation and mechanical-electrical integration design allows efficient raw material loading and discharging, and the oil pressing process takes about 5~7 minutes and is visible. No failure rate, one person can operate several units at the same time.
  • Long Service Life & Good Appearance: Its stable operation and less quick-wear parts allow longer service life and much less maintenance. With hard chromium plating technology and S.S electrical cabinet, its appearance will never fades.

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Why Choose Hydraulic Oil Press for Sesame Oil Extraction?

Now, the most widely used sesame oil making machine is Screw Oil Press Machine, Hydraulic Oil Press Machine, Stone Mill Sesame Oil Machine. But, its working principles different, and the production results are completely different. Here, we will explain the screw oil press and hydraulic oil press pressing sesame in details. (Related Article: Sesame Oil Processing Plant >>)

sesam oil extraction machine types
Sesame Oil Extraction Machin Types

In fact, for sesame oil extraction, most people prefer hydraulic oil press due to its high oil yield and easy operation.

  • The oil yield of screw oil press of sesame seeds is 30%-35%
  • The oil yield of hydraulic oil press of sesame seeds is 45%-47%
  • The oil yield of the stone mill sesame oil press is similar to that of the hydraulic oil press, but it is tedious to operate
sesame seeds pretreatment for oil extraction
Sesame Seeds Pretreatment
sesame seeds loading
Sesame Seeds Loading into Hydraulic Oil Press
sesame hydraulic oil press machine in working
Sesame Hydraulic Oil Press in Working
sesame oil cake
Sesame Oil Cake

Fully automatic hydraulic oil press uses the oil pressure produced by the pump station to generate pressure between the piston and the top, so that the raw materials between the piston and the top are pressed out under the strong pressure. (Related Project: 10TPH Automatic Sesame Oil Manufacturing Factory in Thailand >>)

In the past, the sesame oil we eat is made by manual hydraulic sesame oil machine and small grinding sesame oil mill, which is complicated to operate and has low oil yield, big loss and other shortcomings. Screw oil press is extract sesame oil by extruding oil by strip or round row of strips. The uneven extrusion process will lead to low oil yield. So hydraulic oil press machine is the BEST machine for sesam oil extraction.

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