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As it is known to all, all the machinery will have some problems more or less over time. There is no exception to our single screw oil press machine, automatic oil press machine and other oil pressing equipmepnt. Taking screw oil press machine as an example, its spare parts may be damaged. Once there are any problems, no matter how long it is used. It is also bad for its performance and efficiency. Therefore, in order to make your oil machine maintain high performance, it is necessary to change its spare parts and keep regular maintenance.

Oil Press Machine Spare Parts

Oil press machine spare parts is the generic term of all the assembly parts and components of oil press machinery. It includes screw shaft, pressing ring, pressing bar, pressing cage, bearings and more.

oil press machine pressing rings

Pressing Rings of Oil Press Machines

A complete oil press machine have many spare parts, but those are easily damaged. Since some spare parts are more likely to be destroyed, but some not. The spare parts that are easily damaged are screw shaft, pressing rings, pressing bar, oil cake outlet, gear box, gears, etc..

pressing worms of oil press machine

Pressing Worms of Oil Press Machines

oil press machine spare parts for sales
Spare Parts of Oil Press Machine for Sales

oil press spare parts for sales
Sufficient Oil Press Machien Spare Parts

For an efficient oil mill plant, whether in small scale or large scale, the maintenance is very important. So ABC Machinery remind all our clients of paying attention on the maintenance of the oil pressing machinery. At the same time, we supply sufficient spare parts for all our oil press machine models. All our spare parts are built with high quality materials and priced low. You are very welcomed to ask for more information about our spare parts of oil pressing machinery!

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