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YZS-125A/B/C automatic oil press is the type of integrated oil press machine. YZS-125A, YZS-125B and YZS-125C integrated oil press are the three main models offered by ABC Machinery for small or large oil pressing plant. They are optimal combination of screw oil press and adds automatic heating device and control system, and filtering equipment. With convenient designs and highest oil yield, more and more customers tend to them since they can save cost, at the same time, maintain high oil pressing rate. They are suitable to process a great deal of plant seeds, including cottonseed, sunflower seeds, mustard seed, almond, palm kernel, flaxseed, rapeseed, and more.

What’s the Differences of Our Integrated Oil Press?

integrated oil press at factory price
YZS-125A Integrated Oil Press(Left)    YZS-125B Integrated Oil Press(Middle)    YZS-125C Integrated Oil Press(Right)

Model Capacity Dimension Weight Power Remark
YZS-125A Integrated Oil Press 210-300kg/h
2100*1300*2000mm3 950kg 20.4kw Air Pressure Oil Filter
YZS-125B Integrated Oil Press 210-300kg/h
2280*890*1775mm3 890kg 15kW+1.1KW Vacuum Filters
YZS-125C Integrated Oil Press 210-300kg/h
1900*1000*1610mm3 770kg 17.6kw Without Filtering Equipment

YZS-125A integrated oil press is designed with air pressure oil filters, YZS-125B integrated oil press is designed with vacuum filters, while, YZS-125C integrated oil press is no filtering device. This may be the biggest difference between them. Actually, their pressing principle and structure designs are almost similar.

Integrated Oil Press Features

Integrated oil press features high efficiency, small covering areas, practical in uses, and quick and stable oil pressing and wide range of processing oil materials. So it is very suitable for the majority of medium and small oil mill plants. Why integrated oil press become increasingly popular around the world? Firstly, it can process a very wide range of oil-bearing plants, including peanut, almond nut, prickly pear seed, mustard seed, sunflower seed and more. So wherever you are, buying an integrated oil press can start oil making business. Secondly, the oil extracted by integrated oil press is of good quality and good color, which has great advantages in the market, so can be priced high. Secondly, the pressed oil cake, green and natural, can be processed into food or used in the breeding industry. For small and medium-sized oil plants or workshops, the integrated oil extraction unit creates high market values. (See more integrated models at YZS Integrated Oil Press>>)

What the Integrated Oil Press can Process?
Peanut, soybean, anemone, rapeseed, walnut, cottonseed, pumpkin seeds, cottonseed, castor and hard core coconuts, palm kernel, bran rice, corn germ, and other grain oil-bearing materials. More information at Raw Materials.

How to Uses Integrated Oil Press Make Edible Oils?

integrated oil press at factory price
To get high quality edible oils, the raw materials should be properly pretreated before starting oil extracting. Normally, the raw materials is selected to remove bad quality ones, such as rotten seeds, and cleaned to remove foreign impurities or materials, like stones, sands, dry leaves and others. Cleaned good quality raw materials then come to cooking stage. Some materials may need to be crushed into small pieces before cooking. Cooking is to better pretreat the raw materials for highest oil yield when pressing. Then it comes to the integrated oil press to press oil out from the pretreated materials. Is that finished to make edible oils? The answer is no, if you want to make high quality edible oils, the oil clarification or oil filtering process can’t be neglected. Our integrated oil press with filters can press highest quality crude edible oils. The further step is to remove the colloid, pigments, unhealthy substances and other for edible purpose. Detailed process is as follows:

process to make edible oils
Integrated Oil Press Makes Edible Oils Process

Each process requires specific processing equipment to complete. ABC Machinery is the reliable supplier of all oil processing machinery. Our PRODUCTS are guaranteed with premium quality and reasonable price. Learn detailed equipment and specifications, please contact us at any time you feel interested in it!

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