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People familiar with oil pressing all know that it is vital to cook the raw materials before pressing. There even has a saying that the oil yield is decided by 70% cooking and 30% pressing. It is obvious that cooking plays an important role in oil pressing process. Based on different conditions, regions, the cooking methods for raw materials before pressing are also different. Some places tend to cook raw materials with direct fires or electricity, some places like to cook raw materials by adding water and increasing moisture. For cold pressing, it only adds water into raw materials and adjust it to appropriate ratios.

Raw materials, including cotton seeds, peanut, soybean, palm kernel, sunflower seeds and more, is better to cooked before loading into oil extracting equipment, which can greatly improve the oil output and speed up oil processing. As a professional supplier and manufacturer of oil mill machinery, we also sell a range of cooking equipment for optimal oil yields, including steam cooker, electric cooking pan and cylinder cooker.

Cooking Machines at Factory Price

The raw materials being treated by cooker is of uniform color the surface is loose, the temperature is relatively high, the moisture is less. So, cooked raw materials can get higher oil output by screw oil press and the flavor is better. This is especially true for sesame seeds. Tip on the using of cooking machines is to have a good control of time and temperature when frying and cooking to avoid silting and paste.

ZCL Series Steam Cooker

Model  Capacity Power Weight Outline Dimension
ZCL120×4 15-20T/24hrs 7.5kw 3000kg 2233*1654*3150mm3
ZCL120×5 25-30T/24hrs 11kw 6330kg 2175*2075*4300mm3
ZCL180×5 35-50T/24hrs 22kw 7000kg 2744*2300*4360mm3
steam cooking machine at factory priceZCL series steam cooker is professional cooking machine that is suitable for small scale, medium scale and large scale oil mill plants. The steam cooker softens material embryo after flaking by heating steam. Then, the materials embryo is moistened and roasted within steam cooker and become ripe material embryo, which making material embryo can reach the requirements of pressing or extracting, and improving the final oil yield as well as the quality of crude oils. Our ZCL series steam cooker features large capacity, energy saving, compact size, less land occupation, easy operation and less maintenance. If you are interested in this ZCL series steam cooker, please contact us for more information!

ZCW Series Cylinder cooker

Model Capacity Power Weight Outline Dimension
ZCW63 80-130kg/hr 0.75kw 175kg 1200*760*1100mm3
ZCW100 150-200kg/hr 1.1kw 220kg 1450*820*1100mm3
ZCW125 300kg/hr 2.2kw 270kg 1800*1130*1450mm3
cylinder cooker for salesZCW series cylinder cooker makes use of a sealed cylinder cooker to roll raw materials unceasingly to distribute heat evenly and minimize heat loss, as a result, cooked materials can be extract oils to the utmost, finally, to improve the oil yield greatly. Our ZCW series cylinder cooker is equipped with thermometer. The roasting temperature can be clearly displayed for best controls and adjustments. This type of cylinder cooker is great pretreatment equipment for mini, small scale and medium scale oil pressing lines. It can process many kinds of oil-bearing seeds, such as peanut, soybean, sesames, sunflower seeds, copra, tea seeds and more.

DCW100 Electrical Cooker

Model Capacity Power Weight Outline Dimension
DZCW100 100-150kg/hr 22.75kw  270kg 1450×820×1780mm3

wholesale price electrical cookerDCW100 electric cooker is to turn over raw materials equably until all the materials are cooked into ripe evenly. Designed with rewinding controller and thermo-regulator, it is very easy and convenient to load in or take out raw materials and better control the roasting temperature. This type of electric cooker is of compact size, has less footprint. With user-friendly features, it can be used to process a great deal of raw materials, including sunflower seeds, groundnut, palm kernels, sesames, and more, for optimal oil output!

In conclusion, if you are looking for a BEST cooking machine for your oil making factory or oil production plant, you are very welcomed to inquiry the latest price!

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