[Presidential Visit] Zimbabwe 30 Tons/Day soybean oil plant for Extraction and Refinery Was Successfully Completed

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Recently, President Mnangagwa of Zimbabwe visited our 30TPD soybean oil pressing and 3TPD refining plant built in Zimbabwe.

This soybean oil plant project from the drawing design, to go abroad to the local factory construction, equipment installation and commissioning and personnel training, are responsible for the completion of our company, the customer is very satisfied with our product quality and service.

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[On-Site Report] 30TPD Soybean Oil Production Plant Project in Zimbabwe

Below are the field pictures of the soybean oil processing plant construction sent back from the site by our project staff.

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Soybean Cleaning, Crushing, Extruding Machinery
soybean oil manufacturing plant equipment installation
Workers Install Machines with ABC's Engineers

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This project, a collaboration between the University of Zimbabwe and our company, is a complete soybean oil processing production line, including 30 tons/day soybean press line and 3TPD soybean oil refining line.

One day, we received an inquiry from a client from Zimbabwe who wanted to build a soybean oil milling plant for complete process in the area. The client hoped that through this project they could get economic benefits and at the same time meet the local demand for edible oil and promote economic development.

Through continuous communication, we designed a soybean oil mill plant program that meets the local environment and customer's needs. In the end, we successfully concluded the deal with the Zimbabwean client.

[Knowledge Extension] How Do I Choose the Process of Soybean Oil Extraction?

Soybean oil extraction methods requires different processes depending on the product requirements, i.e., what quality of soybean oil you want to obtain? what by-products you also want to obtain? The following is a guide to typical processes for soybean processing:

  • Soybean Oil Extraction as The Focus, With Soya Meal Used as Feed
  • Extraction Of Oil with Production of Low Denatured Soybean Meal

The only difference from the above process is that the leaching process requires "low temperature desolventization" of the wet meal to ensure the production of low denaturation soybean meal.

  • Soybean Cold Pressed Oil Process for the Production of Active Degreased Soy Flour

Cold pressing of soybeans requires a biscuit-based residual oil of less than 7%, which is often not achieved and requires two cold presses if necessary.

cooking edible vegetable oil processing extraction process steps
Soybean Oil Manufacturing Process Flow(Feed)
soybean oil manufacturing process
Process Technology of Cold Press Soybean Oil(Active Degreased Soybean Flour)

[Supportive Measures] The Bright Outlook for Starting Soyabean Oil Processing Business in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe is rich in arable land resources and has a natural advantage in soybean cultivation. At present, Zimbabwe has initially formed a preliminary industrial chain including the production and consumption of soybeans, soybean meal and soybean oil. Starting a soybean oil business in Zimbabwe is therefore a profitable venture.

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  1. Possessing excellent conditions for agricultural production: Zimbabwe has abundant agricultural resources and favorable climatic conditions for the cultivation of oil crops such as soybeans. The country's land is suitable for agricultural production, which provides a good basis for the production of soybean oil.
  2. Growing Market Demand for Soybean Oil: There has been a steady increase in the demand for edible oil in Zimbabwe. As the population grows and the standard of living improves, the demand for healthy edible oils is also on the rise. As a result, healthy oils such as soybean oil are likely to find wide application in the market.
  3. Government provides incentives: The Zimbabwean government is likely to support the industry by formulating policies that favor agriculture and food production. The government may provide subsidies, tax breaks or other incentives to encourage companies to invest in agriculture and food processing.
  4. May create local employment opportunities: The soybean oil production and processing industry has the potential to create local employment opportunities, contribute to alleviating the unemployment problem and promote economic growth. This has a positive impact on improving social well-being and reducing poverty.
  5. Contribute to sustainable development: Soybean oil production can be integrated with sustainable agricultural practices, including water conservation, soil protection and social responsibility. This contributes to a better corporate image and meets the needs of consumers who are increasingly concerned about sustainability.

Please remember to understand in detail the local regulations, market needs and potential challenges before implementing any business plan to ensure that your business plan is in line with local realities.

If you also have an idea to start a soybean oil plant, you can contact us with any questions! (You can start with the mini soybean oil plant.)

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