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Commercial oil press machine is mainly used to produce edible oils for business purposes. It is great choice for mobile oil factory, mini oil pressing workshp and various oil mill plants. Compared to home use oil machine, commercial oil press machine is efficient in oil extraction and larger in size. Generally, commercial oil press machine can be divided into three types, Screw Oil Press, Automatic Oil Press machine, Auto-temperature Control Oil Press. ABC Machinery has been specialized in designing and manufacturing oil press machine for at least two decades, we know which commercial oil extraction machine is the most suitable model for you considering from the investment and production capacity!

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Small Commercial Oil Press Machine for Various Seeds

Commercial Oil Press Machine Types

Screw Oil Press Machine is small type and the most popular oil extraction machine. It can be easily to setup a small scale or medium scale oil production line to produce edible oils. 

Automatic Oil Press Machine is newly developed oil mill machine that is designed with heating system and oil filtering system. The design is to improve oil yield and minimize cost. And now more and more customer tend to automatic oil extraction machine for their oil making business.

Auto-temperature oil press machine is equipped with electrical heating pipe in the pressing cage to speed up the whole oil pressing process. And it is also designed with electrical control cabinet. 

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YZS Series Commercial Oil Press Machine for Sale

All the commercial oil press machine extracts oil out from the pretreated seeds by mechanical squeeze, and there are no any chemical additions. The final products are crude oils and oil cake or oil meal. And the oil cake or oil meal can be also processed for commercial uses.

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There are various oil seeds and raw materials that the oil press machine can press oil from it, including soybean, peanut/groundnut, sesame, sunflower seed, castor seed, palm kernel, rapeseed, mustard seed, rice bran, corn germ and more. 

Commercial Oil Machine Features

  • Reasonable structure design: effectively reducing space cover area and greatly improving the maneuverability. Easy to get started and operated. 
  • Energy-saving & labor-saving: it is easy to operate and only one to two people can complete the oil extraction process
  • High oil yield: higher oil processing ability and save labors and energy. So it can definitely increase the profits.
  • High quality oil: produce high quality oils that can’t be achieved by inferior oil processing equipment. It can give security to the properties and quality of the oil, not only the oil yield, which is the long-term promise for more profits.
  • Versatile application to various oil seeds: used to processing many different raw materials. For example, some raw material are seasonal seeds, such as rapeseeds. Therefore, a good oil press machine should have the function to process different materials so as to ensure the operating time, further ensure earn more.


How to Get Profits from Commercial Oil Extraction Machine?

  • Use it to Extract Oil for Your Customers

It is really a great way to use your oil extraction machine to provide services for those who need it but can’t afford it, such as farmer in urban or rural areas. Get a small place, just 10 to 20 square meters, prepare your oil extraction machine, then you can get charges by pressing oil for people who bring raw materials. Also you can pressing oil for them for free, but keep the oil cake and sell it for money. 

  • Start Oil Pressing Workshop

Also, you can your oil press machine to start a mini oil extraction workshop and get the profits by selling the edible oil produced. It can be located near by the vegetable market, or supermarket. This the fresh oil made from the oil seeds, including soybean, sunflower, rapeseed, sesame seeds and more. In this way, the customer can see the whole oil production process, and would definitely satisfied with the quality of final oil. The demand for fresh oil directly from the oil extraction machine is now increasing. It must attract a lot of customers. 

  • Build Professional Oil Mill Plant for Big Business

If you think above mentioned ways can’t meet the demand in your place. You can simply set up an oil mill plant to start your business in much larger scale. But, it actually requires much investment cost due to the complete oil production process and capacity. As the core sector, our oil press machine is available for various different capacities, range from 5 ton/day to 100 ton/day. In this way, you can use the commercial oil press machine to make big profits.

What is Cold Pressing?

Cold pressing, as its name indicated, is to squeeze out oil with heating. The raw material is cleaned and directly fed into the oil presser. The method of cold pressing can’t get all the oil once, so the oil content of oil cake of cold pressing is high. The feature of cold pressing is that the oil color is relatively shallow, there are no rising bubble during oil extraction process. The disadvantage of cold pressing is that it has low oil yield and the flavor of final oil is not very good. However, choosing cold pressing or hot pressing should be based on the properties of the raw materials, the specific requirements for oils or the application of final oils. Cold Oil Press Machine for Sale

ABC Machinery is now the largest commercial oil press machine supplier in China. We have strong technical support, high quality pre-sale and after-sale service, super designing and manufacturing strength. All types of oil press requires low investment input, produces high profits and provide positive user experiences. 

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