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Mini oil pressing line is very great choice for small scale oil making business. The 1~5 tons per day edible oil pressing line we provided can process many plants seeds, such as sesame, soybean, groundnut, almond, palm kernel, maize germ, corn germ, etc. The unique features of edible oil production line attracts more and more people to involve in it. Compared to other scale oil pressing factory or oil mill plant, mini edible oil pressing line requires less land space and labors to run it. More importantly, the investment is small, but the profits is favorable, especially in regions where no professional oil processing plants to produce edible oils.

Edible Oil Pressing Line Process

edible oil pressing line for sales
1~5TPD Edible Oil Pressing Line


Cleaning is the initial process of the whole oil pressing line since it can remove the debris, stones, and rotten seeds from the raw materials and get good raw materials to best oil pressing. And if these foreign impurities come into the pressing process, which will cause damages on the oil press and lead to breaks off when the mini oil pressing is running. Equipment for cleaning is cleaning sieve, destoning machine and more. (See also Oil-seeds Pretreatment Equipment>>)


As it is known to all, cooking is an important process in improving yield efficiency. The commonly used methods of cooking is to fry or steam the raw materials, so as to meet the pressing requirements for moisture and temperature. The equipment for cooking is steam cooker, frying pan, fry seed pot, etc.


As the core process of mini oil pressing line, pressing mainly is the process to extract oils out the pretreated materials. The screw oil press in single type and integrated type are great choice for oil pressing. It mainly utilizes the mechanical pressure to process the materials, leaving no chemicals and pollutions on the final oils.


The oils come from pressing stage is crude oils that contains many impurities, including gums, colors, pigments and other. In order to make it for edible or cooking. It is necessary to remove all the unhealthy and inedible substances. That is why our mini oil pressing plant is designed with oil filters and oil refining equipment.

Above processes are required for every edible oil processing line, no matter what capacity it is. For our mini oil edible oil pressing line, the detailed process is the same, but have a little difference in the specific edible oil pressing machine. If you have any interests in starting your own mini oil pressing line, please contact us for professional suggestions and detailed costs on every oil machine!

Reasons to Choose ABC Machinery Edible Oil Pressing Machine

edible oil pressing machine for sales

Edible Oil Pressing Machine at Factory Price

High Quality: we are the original edible oil pressing machine manufacturer and has engaged in manufacturing oil mill machinery for at least two decades. We are the pioneer and leader in oil pressing machine designs and manufacturing.

Low Cost: every set of our edible oil pressing machine are guaranteed factory price, there are no more medium price between you and us.

Rich Experience: we have built a great deal oil mill plants and oil production lines for customers from different countries for different raw materials. Therefore, we have gained rich and practical experience in setting up oil pressing line and optimize the oil pressing machine performance. (See the Oil Processing Plant Projects we built worldwide>>)

Professional Service: choosing us, you can not only get the most cost effective edible oil pressing machine, but also the most professional service, from preliminary consultation, machinery packing and shipment, to later equipment installation and commissioning.

In a word, any questions about edible oil pressing line, no matter about the machine, the technology or the process, you can get the most satisfactory answers. Please do not hesitate to contact us!

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