Small Sunflower Cooking Oil Manufacturing Plant Setup in Uzbekistan

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Project Report - 15TPD Sunflower Oil Extraction and 5TPD Sunflower Oil Refining Plant Setup in Uzbekistan

sunflower oil extraction and refining project in Uzbekistan

ABC Machinery is professional experts in Turnkey Cooking Oil Mill Plant Projects. The sunflower oil machinery we designed and manufactured has helped many people start their sunflower oil production business successfully. We have setup complete sunflower oil processing plant in Russia, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Moldova, India, Uganda, etc.

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If you have plan to start sunflower cooking oil production business, please contact us for technical consultancy and advice, we are happy to offer customized plan as on your budget and requirements.

how to start your own production line with best business plan

Sunflower Oil Manufacturing Machine Established in Uzbekistan

This small scale sunflower oil factory was successfully established in Uzbekistan. It was designed to produce high quality cooking sunflower oil. The whole sunflower oil plant has THREE parts, including sunflower seeds pre-treatment section, sunflower oil extraction section and sunflower oil refining section.

Onsite installation picture of main sunflower oil processing machines.

sunflower oil plant factory design
Sunflower Oil Plant Design
sunflower oil mill machinery installation
Sunflower Oil Mill Project Installation

Hot Sale Machine for Sunflower Oil Extraction
YZS-130 Automatic Sunflower Oil Making Machine

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How to Start Small Scale Sunflower Oil Production Business?

Sunflower seed is one of the world's five major oil crops. Due to its delicious taste and a large number of minor elements that can’t be synthesized by human body, sunflower seed oil is the leader of high-end vegetable oil. With the increase of people′s consciousness about health, sunflower seed oil has gradually become the daily cooking oil on people's diets. Therefore, high-quality sunflower oil will gain more popularity in the market. Starting sunflower oil production business with Screw Oil Press Machine is a great opportunity to make money.

sunflower oil factory plant for oil milling business
Small Scale Sunflower Oil Production Line (Left)                              Large Scale Sunflower Oil Plant Factory (Right)

So, what do you need to do if you start with small scale sunflower oil milling business? Here, we introduce the most important factors you should take into consideration.

  • A Business Plan: A complete and practical business plan based on market analysis will help you focus on the target and avoid risks. It will help you to make the right decisions.
  • Raw Material Supply: It is important to ensure the stable raw materials supply. If not, your sunflower oil plant can’t produce anything. It will cause a great loss since it only has investment, but no output.
  • Sunflower Oil Machinery Purchase: This step mainly involves three parts: including location selection and factory layout design, sunflower oil extraction methods and processes selection, sunflower oil production machines selection and purchase.
  • Marketing Skills and Staff Training: It is also very important to have scientific marketing for produced sunflower oil. And, all the staff and labors in the sunflower oil plant should be trained by professionals before actually operate the oil production equipment.

The general requirements for a successful sunflower oil manufacturing plant should take above listed factors into consideration. However, this is not an absolute, it is just a guideline for your reference. If you already have ideas to start sunflower cooking oil milling business, please just contact us to get the right instruction.

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