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How to Make Sunflower Oil?

Sunflower oil is the non-volatile vegetable oil that is extracted from sunflower seeds. The global consumption of sunflower oil is ranked 4th after palm oil, soybean oil and rapeseed oil. Sunflower oil is mainly used in food and cosmetic sector. So, how to turn the sunflower seeds into sunflower oil or cooking sunflower oil? One of the most commonly used method for sunflower oil making is mechanical pressing with screw oil press machine. This methods is relatively simple, features low cost and doesn't require chemical solvents, so it is widely adopted by many medium and small scale cooking oil production line. According to the oil production process, sunflower oil processing equipment including cleaning sieve, destoning machine, flaker, cooker, oil filter machine, oil filter machine, edible oil refining machine and more.

sunflower oil making and production
Sunflower Oil Making Method

ABC Machinery is leading oil processing machine manuafacturer and supplier in China. We offer various sunflower oil making machine types at factor price. Sunflower oil making business is profitable around the world, especially in China, India, South Africa, Tanzania, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Brazil, and more. More and more people can't find out where to buy the most suitable and cost-effective sunflower oil making machine for their business. ABC Machinery is definitely your reliable supplier. (Read more about Sunflower Oil Manufacturing Cost >>)

Sunflower Oil Making Machine Types and Price

In order to better meet customers' sunflower oil processing requirements, we develops three types of sunflower oil making machines for your choice.

small sunflower oil making machine at factory price
Small Sunflower Oil Making Machine

  • Single Screw Oil Making Machine
  • Automatic Oil Making Machine with Filters (Air Pressure or Vacuum Filter)
  • Auto-temperature Oil Making Machine

automatic sunflower oil making machine for sales
Automatic Sunflower Oil Making Machine

The Sunflower Oil Press Machine designed by ABC Machinery makes use of the mechanical force to squeeze oil out from the seeds. During the process of oil pressing, there are no involvement of addition of any addictive. As a result, the oil is natural, healthy and full of nutrition.

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Sunflower Oil Making Machine at Factory Price

From the outside appearances, the structure of auto-temperature and automatic sunflower oil making machine are more complicated. The automatic type is equipped with air pressure filters and electric control cabinet. And, the auto-temperature oil press is also designed with electric control cabinet, but no filters. All the designs is for the highest oil extracting output based on the actual oil production operational requirements. You can choose the BEST one according to your specific requirements. And, all of these machine are very wonderful choice for small, medium or large scale oil making plant.

single screw sunflower oil making machine for sales
Single Screw Oil Machine
sunflower oil press machine
Autom-Temperature Oil Machine
small sunflower oil machine
Automatic Oil Machine with Air Pressure Filters

Automatic Oil Machine with Vacuum Filters


Auto-temperature Sunflower Oil Making Machine Working Video

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Sunflower Oil Refining and Dewaxing Machine

Just like other vegetable oil processing, sunflower oil production also needs several process to get high quality oil, including seeds cleaning, seeds cooking, seeds flaking and more. It is also important to note that the oil extracted by mechanical pressing or solvent extraction is crude oil, so Edible Oil Filter Machine and Sunflower Oil Refinery Machine is recommended to produce high quality sunflower oil.

small oil refinery unit for sunflower oil making

Small Oil Refinery Unit for Sunflowr Oil Making

Since sunflower seed oil contains a small amount of wax, the existence of wax in sunflower oil not only affects the transparency and taste of the oil, but also causes bad smell when cooking and affects human health. Sunflower oil dewaxing process can effectively remove the wax in sunflower oil.

sunflowr oil making machine at wholesale cost


ABC Machinery Service

Before-sale Service

  • Provides the most suitable and cost effective oil making machines based on your raw material types and expected production capacity. So, you can get customized oil processing machines at competitive price.
  • If you have no ideas about how to start sunflower oil making business, such as the capacity, the machinery types and others, you can tell us your raw materials and estimated budget, so that we can better serve you!
  • If you prefer setup complete sunflower oil processing plant, we offer turnkey services for the whole oil processing projects, including factory layout design, machinery selections and more.
  • Quick response to your inquiry, provides free quotation with detailed information!

After-sale Service

  • Provides installation and commissioning service to ensure the normal operations of your machine or the whole oil processing plant
  • Provides spare parts for long-term uses
  • Provides free training for your workers or operators

We are now the largest sunflower oil making machine manufacturer. Our clients are very satisfied with our oil making equipment and the complete services. If they want to expand their oil making business or start edible oil mill plant, they always choose us. Contact us to get the Cost Setting Up Edible Oil Plant.

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Globale Sunflower Oil Producer

Now, the main sunflower oil producers in the world is Ukraine, Russian, Argentina, Turkey, France, Hungary, Spain, etc. Although the global market is smaller for sunflower seeds than for palm and soy oil, demand for sunflower seed oil will likely continue to increase as food processors search for sources of trans-fat-free vegetable oil.

global sunflower oil producers
Sunflower Oil Producers

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