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YZS-105 oil press expeller is composed of material hopper, pressing cage, screw shaft, main machine stand, and etc. The screw shaft is designed with different rotates and screws, when the oil pressing machine is started, the materials will be push towards the pressing chamber, through mechanical pressure, the oil is extracted from the materials and discharged from pressing worms and pressing rings. It should be pointed out that this YZS-105 single screw oil press utilizes updated feeding mechanism so that the materials can be loaded into the pressing equipment smoothly and quietly. The majority of oil-bearing seeds, such as cottonseeds, flaxseed, jatropha, corn germ, black seeds, niger seeds and more, can be extracted oil by our YZS-105 oil press machine.

niger seed oil press machine for sales

YZS-105 Single Screw Oil Press

Model  Capacity Power Weigh Outline Dimension
YZS-105 Single Oil Press 210-300kg/h
15kw 550kg 1825*700*1350mm3

What’s Niger Seed Oil?

Niger seed oil is derived from niger seeds that is like sunflower seeds, but a little narrow and smaller in size. Native to Ethiopia, niger crop is mainly planted in Ethiopia, India and other countries of Asia and Africa. The basic contents of niger seeds are 30%–40% oil, 10%–25% proteins, 12%–18% Soluble Sugars, 10%–20% Crude Fiber and 10%–11% Moisture.

niger seeds oil

Niger Seed Oil

Niger seed oil is polyunsaturated semi-drying oil and a kind of edible oil that contains high content of linoleic acid, which is similar to sunflower seeds oil. It can be used to replace olive oil. In addition to edible, niger seed oil is also be used to make soap, paints preparations, and emulsions preparations in industry. The niger seed oil meal contain rich proteins after the oil is extracted from niger seeds and is very great feed for livestock. Using niger seed oil press can not only get high quality niger seed oil, but also valuable oil meals.

How to Setup Oil Mill with Niger Seed Oil Press Machine?

Niger seeds oil making can be accomplished at a small scale oil processing line which requires niger seed oil pressing machine and other oil equipment. It is much easier to install all the equipment, at the same time, the processing process is simple. But, it can also achieve higher oil output. And, when it runs, only 2 to 3 operator is enough to manage and operate the whole niger oil processing plant. In a word, a small scale niger seed oil processing mill allows low cost, both equipment and operation, and reduced labors, which makes it especially suitable for investors with little capitals or new starters in oil milling industry.
niger seed oil press line
Niger Seed Oil Press in Small Oil Mill
Seeds elevator: transport and deliver niger seeds betweent different equipment.
Seeds cleaning machine: clean niger seed through replacing sieve in different pore size to remove stones and other impurities.
Cooker: cooking the seeds for maximal oil yield.
Niger seed oil press machine: extracting oil from the niger seed without any unhealthy addition
Oil filter press: clarify the crude niger seeds oil for best results.

Niger Seed Oi Press Machine Advantages

  • It has higher oil output than other similar screw oil press machinery
  • Stable oil pressing performance & less maintenance cost
  •  Wide application to most kinds of raw materials
  • Compact size is very suitable for mini oil mill plant or individual oil workshops
Actually, we not only provide small oil press or integrated oil press machine for niger seed oil processing, but also is able to help set up oil pressing lines or turnkey oil mill plant projects. If you are interested in it, please let us know!
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