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Peanut Sheller

Model  Capacity Power Weight Outline Dimension
YBKC14-40A 500-700kg/hr 1.5kw 120kg 1100*800*1470mm3
Peanut sheller is an automatic machine that can peel off peanut shell and leave peanuts only. Then, the peanuts can be extracted oils by oil press machines. This is to improve the efficiency of oil pressing, save time of peanut oil production, further minimize cost and maximize profitability of peanut oil pressing. The peanut sheller ABC Machinery provided is characterized by easy operation, compact size, reasonable structure, lightweight, quiet operation and low energy consumption. It is designed with two different narrow and wide screening fences inside, so our peanut sheller can adapt to all peanuts in different sizes. The damages rate of peanuts is extremely low. Besides, there is no need to build foundation for using our peanut sheller since it can work stably on the floor and can be moved everywhere. Pretty perfect peanut sheller for any peanut oil pressing production factory!

Cleaning Sieve

cleaning sieve for salesCleaning sieve acts an important role in oil mill plant project since it can clean the raw materials. For most oil pressing or extracting process, cleaning is the first and basic process. There are many advantages of cleaning. First, clean raw materials can ensure the oil output, reducing the lost of oils and assuring high oil yields. Second, clean raw materials can directly affect the quality of both oils and oil cake. Third, impurities removal can reduce damages on oil press machines, prolong the service life of oil pressing equipment. Forth, cleaning raw materials can ensure safe operation of all the oil pressing machinery, reduce and eliminate dust floating within oil production plants, and improve the oil pressing environment. Our cleaning sieve is the best choice for all scale oil mill plant for its efficient performance and factory price.

Model Capacity Power Specifications
TS120 Seeds Conveyor 1.25T/H 1.5kw


best seeds conveyorOur seeds conveyor is indispensable part of the complete oil production. It quickly and stably transfers the raw materials to every oil pressing equipment, whether it is in the shape of power, granular or blocks. Therefore, there is no more manual transportation of materials and manual material feeding, which saves labors and reduces cost of oil mill plants. At the same time, materail conveyor can avoid material wastes during manual transportation. ABC Machinery seeds conveyor can meet every different requirement of oil factory by customizing the sizes and specifications.
seeds conveyor in application
Seeds Conveyor in Peanut Oil Pressing Line

Roll Flaker

Roller size Ejecting roller size Big v-belt wheel size Power Motor rotational speed Motor pulley diameter Capacity Dimension
diameter: 172mmlength: 280mm diameter: 165mmwidth: 20mm diameter: 440mmwidth: 65mm 4kw 1440r/m 120mm 200-300kg/h 604*500*860mm
factory price roll flaker

Roll flaker is composed of rollers. It can break the cell walls of raw materials, providing favorable condition to destroy the cellular structure completely, protein denaturation in cooking process. As a result, it helps to improve the oil yields. Roll flaker is also basic supporting equipment for oil pressing or extracting. It is not only suitable for materials in small size, like sesame, rapeseeds, and more, but also great for materials of large shape, such as soybeans, peanuts and more.

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