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YZS-95A/95B/95C automatic oil machine are advanced combined oil press machine that is equipped with auto-temperature control system for different customers’ requirements and best productivity. For better understanding, below will clarify the specifications of YZS-95A, YZS-95B, YZS-95C combined oil presses.

combined oil press machine for sales

YZS-95A Combined Oil Press (Left)  YZS-95B Combined Oil Press (Middle)  YZS-95C Combined Oil Press (Right)

Actually, the three auto-temperature control oil press models have the same capacity and similar structure. All of them are designed with auto-temperature system to preheat the pressing cage so as to get higher oil output and save the preheating time of the machine itself. But, model YZS-95A and model YZS-95B comes with air pressure filters and vacuum filters separately. And, model YZS-95C doesn’t installed with any filtering devices. Below is the detailed specifications of YZS-95A, YZS-95B and YZS-95C combined oil press machine.

Model Capacity Dimension Weight Power Remark
YZS-95A Combined Oil Press 150-200kg/h
1900*1300*2000mm3 910kg 15.8kw Air Pressure Oil Filter
YZS-95B Combined Oil Press 150-200kg/h
2250x890x1820mm3 900kg 7.5+1.5kw Vacuum Filters
YZS-95C Combined Oil Press 150-200kg/h
1675*1000*1610mm3 730kg 13.6kw Without Filtering Equipment

Combined Oil Press Machine Features

  • Auto-temperature Control System - optimized for exceptional oil pressing performance
  • Superior Quality - Designed for convenience and durability with motor installed blow the main pressing machine and equipped with stainless steel protective cover from outside damages for stable and safe operation.
  • Multi-functional Pressing - Suitable for both cold and hot pressing
  • Easy Operation - Requires less working space and is easy to operate
  • Very Wide Application - It is able to process various oil-bearing seeds, so it is well worth the money, and definitely ideal choice for people who has business in country markets or those who wants or already run small scale or mini oil mill plants.

Auto-temperature Control Oil Press Machine Extracts Oil from Various Oilseeds - YZS-95C Combined Oil Press

Cold Pressing & Hot Pressing

Cold pressing usually refers to the process to extract oil mechanically without heating or chemical additions. The oil obtained from cold pressing is called cold pressed oil and maintains the natural components of the oils. Cold pressed oil is of great values. But, the oil output rate by cold pressing process is relatively lower since it only relies on the pressure force to separate oils out from raw materials. Hot pressing means to squeeze oils out from the preheated materials. The raw materials are often cooked or fried before pressing. The oils obtained from hot pressing is of rich fragrance, the color is little darker, the smell is good and the oil yields by hot pressing is higher. And the crude oil by hot pressing is with less residues and is easy to store. Oils by either by cold or hot pressing is without any solvents. (You may be also interested in other Oil Press for cold and hot pressing>>)

Combined Oil Press Machine for Cold and Hot Pressing

combined oil press machine for sales

Cold Pressing: Raw Materials - Cleaning - Flaking- Pressing
Hot Pressing: Raw Materials - Cleaning - Flaking - Cooking – Pressing

The combined oil press with auto-temperature control is advanced oil milling equipment, featured with high oil yield and low residual oil, premium quality and stable performance. It can be used in any oil making scenes, in a market, a oil supply store, a mini oil factory, a small oil production line, a medium oil processing plant. Anyway, it can meet almost all your requirements for an ideal oil processing machine. We believe that owning an integrated oil equipment can greatly improve the oil productivity while reduces oil making investment in long-term. If you want to know the BEST price or detailed information, do not hesitate to contact us!

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