Sunflower Soybean Oil Plant Project Report in Kazakhstan

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Sunflower oil and soybean oil offers amazing effects for human body. They are the most important vegetable oils around the world. In Kazakhstan, the edible oil production sector mainly focuses on sunflower seeds, soybean, flaxseed, and rapeseed. The sunflower oil and soybean oil are among the most sold products. Therefore, setting up a soybean and sunflower oil mill plant in Kazakhstan comes with awesome advantages.

Soybean Oil Plant Setup in Kazakhstan

sunflower soybean oil plant design
Oil Mill Plant Overview
Soybean oil production plant cost
Sunflower & Soybean Oil Extraction Machine
soybean seeds cleaning machine
Oilseeds Cleaning Section
soybean oil plant project report
Equipment Commissioning

This is a turnkey oil mill plant build for 100ton/day sunflower and soybean oil production line, which includes crude oil extraction and edible oil refinery. Feel free to contact us for more details of running soybean oil company or edible oil plant setup cost!

Photo Display: Soybean Oil Mill Plant Layout and Cost

soybean oil factory setup
Sunflower/Soybean Oil Factory Construction
soybean oil mill project under construction
Equipment Layout
soybean oil factory layout
Edible Oil Plant Project
soybean oil plant design
Oil Mill Plant Project Filed
soybean oil making business plan
Oil Processing Machine Details
soybean oil extraction machine for sale
Equipment Details

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[Business Plan] Invest in Sunflower / Soybean Oil Production Plant in KZ

Here are the main products of the agricultural industry in KZ(Kazakhstan) :

Item name

I Quarter of 2017

I Quarter of 2018


Exports (tonnes)

Exports (`000 USD)

Exports (tonnes)

Exports (`000 USD)

Sunflower seed

74 657,4

22 489,6

119 434,0

33 042,5


Flaxseed, fragmented or non-fragmented

77 361,1

26 928,9

123 494,5

39 268,5


Soybeans, fragmented or non-fragmented

4 069,5

1 908,3

10 890,5

4 632,1

2.4 times

Sunflower oil

13 639,1

12 426,7

26 872,1

20 748,8


Rapeseed oil (from rapeseed or colza rape)



6 642,6

5 160,8

up 11.2 times

Soybean oil and its fractions

3 239,8

2 838,9

4 260,9

3 238,2


Cakes and other fixed residues

3 814,0

2 423,7

8 757,4

3 579,4


Animal or vegetable fats and oils






The followings are some advantage factors for starting edible oil business and establishing sunflower/soybean oil extraction & refinery plant in Kazakhstan. Send us an inquiry if you have any question on soybean oil business plant. Read more about mini soybean oil processing plant >>

  • Sunflower Seeds and Soybeans are Readily Available

There are many farmers who plant sunflower and soybean in Kazakhstan. This makes it easier to find sunflower seeds and soybean for oil production. The cost of these seeds is good, making it even easier to get them. Apart from wheat, sunflower occupies a bigger percentage in the Kazakhstan agriculture. The weather and soil are both favorable for the growth of sunflower and soybean.

  • Readily Available Market

Kazakhstan has a big market for vegetable oils, like sunflower oil, soybean oil, rapeseed oil and more. Kazakhstan also exports sunflower oil and soybean oil to the international market. It is very high on demand, especially in countries where sunflower or soybean is not grown. For instance, the demand of sunflower oil in the European Union is always higher than the supply. This makes it a good destination for exportation.

  • Profitable Venture

The price of sunflower oil and soybean oil is relatively high. This is because of its demand compared to the supply. The quantity supplied is way less than what the consumers require. This makes it expensive and hence a profitable business.  Therefore, starting a sunflower and soybean oil processing plant will guarantee a good market and less competition. This translates into huge profits depending on the level of production. If it is a small-scale production, the profits may not be as huge as producing on large scale. (Related Post: Soybean Oil Plant Cost in India)

  • Legal Standards Governing

The Kazakhstan government controls prices of sunflower seeds and soybean plants according to the set standards. This makes it impossible for farmers to hike prices of seeds for no good reason. This is advantageous to those with oil mill plant. They get to source sunflower seeds and soybean at a good price and sell the oil to the international market at relatively higher prices. The legal standards also control entry and exit of new and existing vegetable oil processing plant. This helps to regulate the level of competition.

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