Small Soybean Oil Production Machine & Plant Installed in Nigeria

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Nigeria Soybean Oil Production Plant Project Information

soybean oil production plant installed in Nigeria

  • Country: Nigeria
  • Project Period: September 3 ~ October 13, 2019
  • Raw Material: Soybeans
  • Capacity: 10TPD Soybean Oil Extraction & 1TPD Soybean Oil Refinery
  • Final Product: Refined Edible Soybean Oil, Animal Feed Pellet Made by Soybean Oil Cake
  • Main Factory Section: Soybean Oil Extraction Section; Soybean Oil Refining Section; Animal Feed Pellet Making Section
  • Main Equipment and Machinery: Vibration Sieve, Cooker, Oil Presser, Plate and Frame Oil Filter, Conveyor, etc.; Alkali Pot, Decolorizing Pot, Deodorization Pot, Boiler, etc.; Grinder, Small Feed Pellet Mill and more.

This Soybean Oil Plant was just successfully installed in Nigeria in October 2019. It is actually a completely small scale soybean processing plant that is mainly designed to help small scale farmers or business man to improve their product category and expand their business scope in the agricultural sectors, including vegetable oil processing and livestock farming. If you are interested in getting such a similar soybean oil processing plant and want to get the exact cost and project plan, please contact us directly. We are always here to help you!

how to start your own production line with best business plan

Soybean Oil Plant Project in Nigeria - Onsite Installation & Commissioning

ABC Machinery successfully installed a complete soybean oil processing factory in Nigeria to produce high quality edible oil. The whole oil production line is designed with two sectors, one is 10TPD soybean oil pressing line, the other is 1TPD soybean oil refining line. Below is the on-site installation and commissioning of the main soybean oil processing machinery.

soybean cooker
Soybean Cooker
soybeans loading in soybean oil plant
Soybeans Loading in Conveyor
soybean oil press machine in Nigeria
Soybean Oil Machine in Nigeria
Installation of edible soybean oil refining machine
Edible Soybean Oil Refining Machine Installation in Nigeria
automatic oil filling machine for soybean oil
Automatic Oil Filling Machine for Soybean Oil
refined soybean oil
Refined Soybean Oil
Nigeria customer held the refined soybean oil
Nigeria Customer Satified with Refined Soybean Oil
soybean oil plant boiler
Boiler of Soybean Oil Plant
ABC Machinery engineers and customers
Nigeria Customers and ABC Machinery Engineer
soybean oil cake produced by the soybean oil plant
Soybean Oil Cake
soybean oil cake make pellets
Soybean Oil Cake into Animal Feed Pellets

how to start your own production line with best business plan

Nigeria Soybean Oil Production Plant Operation Video

Oil is used for three meals a day. Soybean oil is an edible product with rigid market demand. For investors who are starting a business for the first time or young people returning to start a business in their hometown, the development of a small soybean oil processing plant is an asset-light, low-risk, and promising project. In terms of edible oil business model, market demand, industry status and price trends, small soybean oil processing plants have broad prospects and great development potential. This is a commercial business worth investing in!

Start Edible Oil Processing/Production Business in Nigeria - How & How Much?

As of 2010, about 30% of Nigerians are engaged in agriculture. Agriculture was once the main source of foreign exchange earnings in Nigeria. The main oil crops in Nigeria include palm kernel, palm fruit, soybean, peanuts (groundnuts), sunflower, safflower, sesame, castor bean, mustard, cotton seed, corn and flax seeds (Related Post: Palm Kernel Oil Extraction Machine in Nigeria). Therefore, there are rich sources to start edible oil processing business in Nigeria. In addition, there are growing demands for high quality edible oils with the the improvement of people's living standard in Nigeria. So, how to start it? And How much it may require?

start edible oil manufacturing business in Nigeria

Just like any other business, it is necessary to have the feasibility report and business plan to ensure the success of your oil processing business. Here we listed the general steps to start edible oil production business in Nigeria, you can have a reference. But, perfect oil mill business plan is based on your actual requirements and conditions. Contact us to get the customized Oil Making Machine for Business in Nigeria.

  • Prepare an In-depth Analysis of Local Oil Manufacturing Market
  • Draft Customized Business Plan
  • Raise Funds and Prepare the Factory Land
  • Choose Reliable Oil Processing Machinery Supplier
  • Oil Mill Plant Installation, Commissioning and Production
  • Craft Edible Oils Marketing Promotion Plan

start edible oil mill business
Small Cooking Oil Production Line (1~20TPD)

For most farmers or small scale business investors, it is feasible to have a mini size or small size edible oil mill plant since it requires less investment and easy operation and management. In the market, a mini scale edible oil processing plant may cost at least about $7,000 (2,600,000 NGN) and above. For most farmers, it is also available to get a single Oil Press Machine to start your business, which is definitely much cheaper than to get a complete oil processing plant.

inquire about the price and cost


ABC Machinery & Nigeria

ABC Machinery is now China largest oil processing machines manufacturers and suppliers. We have built good relationship with our customers around the world. In recent years, our company get more and more orders from Nigeria. Therefore, every year, we will go to Nigeria to visit our customers and help them to expand their business and solve their problems. In addition, we also take actively part in attending Nigeria local machinery exhibitions or trade fairs with the main to help more Nigeria people get the equipment and machinery at factor price. Below is some pictures we visited Nigeria in 2019.

abc machinery visisted Nigeria
ABC Machinery Visited Nigeria

Although the prospects of small soybean oil processing plants are good, they also have a prerequisite, that is, the quality of soybean oil produced is not compromised and meets national food safety standards. The edible oil processing equipment produced by ABC Machinery can obtain clarified, impurity-free, high-grade edible oil that meets national standards after the pretreatment, pressing and refining of the oil. The equipment has a high degree of automation, large processing capacity, and high production efficiency. It can be said to be a cost-effective and "unlimited money" device.

The gradual opening of the grain and oil market has enabled the development of the edible oil industry to show its vitality and become a sunrise industry in China with a broad market prospect. If you also want to choose the edible oil processing industry as a rich project, welcome to contact us, ABC Machinery can provide you with the entire edible oil processing production line and hot-push stand-alone equipment.

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