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In the vast realm of the coconut oil processing industry, the coconut oil refining process is a critical step in transforming raw coconut oil into a high-quality product suitable for a variety of uses. Whether you are a seasoned player or an entrepreneur interested in entering the coconut oil production space, it is critical to understand the intricacies of coconut oil refining. (Read More: Invest in a Small Coconut Oil Plant Business>>)

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Customized Coconut Oil Refining Process Designer and Refinery Machinery Manufacturer

Feel free to read our article as we dive into pro tips for the coconut oil refining steps. From degumming and neutralization to bleaching and deodorization process, ABC Machinery's edible oil processing solutions are designed to optimize efficiency and quality at every step of the process.

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Understanding Refined Coconut Oil for Wise Investment

Refined coconut oil, also known as RBD coconut oil, is coconut oil that has been Refined, Bleached and Deodorized. Copra is the main ingredient in the coconut oil production, which is processed by such as pressing or solvent extraction method to unrefined coconut oil. Crude coconut oil extracted in this way may contain plant residues, dust, etc. and is easily oxidized with a strong natural odor, making it unsuitable for direct consumption or use in other areas.

Refined coconut oil is colorless and odorless and is widely used in many industries such as cosmetics, food industry, pharmaceuticals, etc., with high and stable demand. The production cost of refined coconut oil is lower compared to virgin coconut oil. The storage and transportation costs of dried copra are low, and the relatively mature coconut oil refining process and large-scale production can reduce the unit cost. Therefore, investing in a coconut oil refinery plant is a wise choice!

Differences Between Refined and Virgin (Cold-Pressed) Coconut Oil

  Refined Coconut Oil  Cold Pressed Coconut Oil
Raw Material Extracted from sun-dried copra and then refined Extracted from fresh coconut meat
Processing Obtained by refining the crude coconut oil through high temperature treatment or use of chemical solvents Extracted by boiling, fermentation, freezing, machine pressing, centrifugal separation and other techniques without the use of high temperature or chemical solvents
Physical Properties Usually slightly yellow, transparent or white, colorless and odorless Pure white in solid state (<25℃), transparent in liquid state (>25℃), with distinct coconut flavor
Uses Mainly used in skin care products and food industry Often considered a higher quality edible oil due to the retention of natural plant compounds and coconut flavor

Innovative Coconut Oil Refining Process: Key Steps and Parameters

Coconut Oil Physical and Chemical Refining Method

There are two main methods of refining coconut oil: physical refining and chemical refining. Each method has its advantages and specific use cases:

  • Physical refining: This method uses steam distillation to remove free fatty acids and impurities. It is favored for its environmental friendliness and ability to produce high quality edible oil. 
  • Chemical refining: This involves the use of chemicals such as caustic soda to neutralize free fatty acids, followed by bleaching and deodorization process. It is effective in refining cooking oils with high levels of impurities.

Coconut Oil Physical Refinery Process - Reducing Loss and Enhancing Quality

Coconut oil has very little gum content and does not require strict acid refining for degumming; while coconut oil is very easy to saponify, if chemical alkaline refining is used, improper process parameters will increase the additional loss of neutral oil.

The physical refining method will greatly reduce the loss of coconut oil refining. Meanwhile, the by-product of physical refining, free fatty acid (FFA), can be recycled and utilized, which brings additional economic benefits. And there will be no wastewater discharge, which reduces the production cost.

A professional edible oil processing machines manufacturer, ABC Machinery, would like to introduce to you a physical refining process for producing high-grade edible coconut oil. It mainly includes the following steps:

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A Physical Refining Process Technology for Coconut Oil

  • 1. Pre-treatment Decolorization Process - Removal of heat sensitive pigments from crude coconut oil, key step in physical refining

The main steps of this process are that the crude coconut oil is mixed thoroughly with the acidic pretreatment agent, dewatered under vacuum and decolorized by adding the adsorbent white clay.

Pretreatment decolorization process is to ensure the success of distillation deacidification deodorization process, the production of high-quality coconut oil technology key. Distillation deacidification and deodorization need to be carried out under high temperature conditions, while the crude coconut oil contains a large number of heat-sensitive pigments, and insufficient decolorization is not in place will greatly deepen the color of coconut oil.

  • 2. Distillation deacidification and deodorization - The recovered fatty acid distillate, the free fatty acid content (in terms of lauric acid) >50% is preferred.

The principle and process conditions of distillation deacidification and deodorization are basically the same, both of which make use of the difference in volatility to remove impurities by means of water vapor under high temperature and vacuum conditions. Therefore, distillation deacidification is generally synchronized with deodorization steps in the deodorization tower equipment.

Coconut oil distillation deacidification and deodorization process is a continuous operation, using continuous deodorization machines. The decolorized coconut oil is pumped through a heat exchanger into the deodorization tower, where direct steam is passed through and the distilled fatty acids and other substances are condensed and recovered to ensure environmental protection and increase additional economic benefits. After the finished coconut oil is cooled, it is inspected and qualified to obtain high-grade edible coconut oil. (Related Post: automatic cooking oil filling machines for coconut oil in Sri Lanka>>)

Due to the large fluctuation range of the acid value of pressed coconut oil, it is necessary to make appropriate adjustments to the process conditions in order to ensure that the refining consumption within a reasonable range.

In principle, when the acid value of the crude coconut oil is high, the use of lower distillation deacidification and deodorization temperature and smaller flow rate, in order to extend the residence time of the oil in the equipment; while the acid value of the crude oil is low, the use of higher temperatures and larger flow rates.

how to start your own production line with best business plan

[Expert Tips]Key Parameters for Effective Refining of Coconut Oil (for reference only)

The coconut oil physical refining process needs special attention in the temperature and pressure control of each step, in order to ensure the quality of the final coconut oil product and the economic efficiency of the refining process.

  • Pre-treatment and deacidification process parameters: acid addition amount 0.2%~0.3%, white clay addition amount 2.5%~4.0%, decolorization temperature 95°C~105°C, vacuum pressure ≤7500Pa.
  • Distillation deacidification and deodorization process parameters: temperature 235°C~250°C, vacuum pressure 100Pa~450Pa, flow rate 1.5m3/h~2.5m3/h, direct steam injection amount 30kg/h~45kg/h.

Successful Cases of Coconut Oil Refinery Projects by ABC Machinery

Explore project case studies of successful coconut oil refinery plant setups in different countries to learn about best practices and effective strategies. ABC Machinery has helped numerous clients achieve operational excellence in coconut oil refining plant.

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Commercial Edible Oil Refinery Machine for Sale

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ABC Machinery offers state-of-the-art coconut oil refining machines that optimizes efficiency and produces high quality refined coconut oil. With state-of-the-art equipment for degumming, neutralization, bleaching and deodorization processes, you can be confident that you are purchasing a reliable and affordable machines.

We can also provide complete coconut oil refining solutions tailored to your specific needs. Whether you are new to the industry or looking to expand your existing compaines, our expert guidance and coconut oil  manufacturing equipment will ensure your successful business in the competitive coconut oil production market.

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