How Starting a Small Coconut Oil Plant Can Yield High Returns

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Edible oil is an edible product with rigid market demand. Among them, coconut oil is processed and refined from coconut pulp, and the oil content of coconut meat is about 65%-74%, which is a good raw material for oil processing.Coconut oil contains a variety of fatty acids, such as oleic acid, linoleic acid, palmitic acid, and caprylic acid.

small coconut oil processing mill price
Small Coconut Oil Processing Mill Price

For first-time investors or young people who have returned to their hometowns to start a business, developing a small coconut oil processing plant is an asset-light, low-risk, and promising project. In terms of coconut oil business model, market demand, industry status and price trends, small coconut oil processing plants have broad prospects and great development potential, and are worth investing in!

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What Oil Processing Equipment is Needed to Start a Coconut Oil Plant?

Frequently asked questions from customers: I want to open a coconut oil factory, what coconut oil processing equipment do I need to buy? Since I have no relevant knowledge, I would like to ask...
ABC Machinery Answer: According to the factory's processing capacity, configuration level, investment budget and processing technology, the coconut oil processing equipment that needs to be configured is also different.Our engineers can customize the equipment configuration plan for large, medium and small peanut oil production lines for you according to the actual processing needs...

Taking a small coconut oil processing plant as an example, its supporting equipment mainly includes the crus​hing machine, rolling caldron fry seed machine, screw oil press machine and plate frame oil filter. Through the mutual cooperation and cooperation between equipment and equipment, high-quality coconut oil can be produced.

small scale coconut oil production line
Small Scale Coconut Oil Production Line

The relevant equipment details are shown in the table below:

Device Name Device Details
Crus​hing machine Copra is large, strong, and tough, unlike soybeans that break easily when moisture is low. Therefore, the coconut oil processing plant needs a hammer crusher, and secondary crushing is recommended to increase the output.
Rolling caldron fry seed machine Through the continuous rolling of the sealed cylinder, the raw materials are heated evenly and the heat dissipation is less; after roasting, the oil yield can be greatly improved.
Screw oil press machine The screw oil press squeezes out the oil in the copra through mechanical extrusion. The screw oil press machine independently developed by ABC Machinery has wide adaptability, high output and stable performance.
Plate frame oil filter The plate frame oil filter is mainly composed of filter frame, filter plate and filter cloth. It is mainly used to remove solid suspended impurities in crude oil.

Of course, in addition to the equipment configuration of the small coconut oil production line provided above, ABC machinery can also be based on your processing capacity, investment budget, processing technology and grade requirements for finished coconut oil, providing you with a variety of coconut oil production line equipment configuration solutions to achieve your diversified production needs.In addition, with the help of some conveying equipment, such as bucket elevators and screw conveyors, the purpose of material conveying can be achieved to speed up the production efficiency and automation of the factory.(Project Report:Copra Oil Expeller Machine and Filter Machine to Thailand>>)

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Market Prospects for Setting Up the Coconut Oil Plants

  • Diverse business models and wide sales channels

Due to the flexible and diverse business models of small coconut oil plants, and the small footprint of the new oil press equipment, high degree of automation, and ease of use, its distribution range is very wide, ranging from urban and county towns to small towns and mountainous areas.On the whole, there are no more than three business models for small coconut oil processing plants, namely, the processing model, the fee-free model and the sales model. Small coconut oil processing plants have a fixed market consumer group, wide sales channels, and quick returns.

  • Per capita consumption remains high, and there is a large gap in market demand

With the continuous release of market demand and the substantial acceleration of people's living standards, the per capita consumption of edible oil remains high, and the market demand gap is large. In the next few years, the total consumption of edible oil will maintain a rigid growth trend. At the same time, due to the increasing demand of consumers for healthy food, the development of edible oil towards intensive processing, investment in coconut oil processing business will have great potential.

  • The technical threshold is low, and the industry has a lot of room for improvement

The entry threshold for coconut oil processing is low, and the technology tends to be mature and transparent. More and more small households simply rent a storefront and buy an oil press to start an edible oil processing project. Small edible oil processing plants More attention should be paid to brand building and the route of intensive and deep processing of edible oils. ABC Machinery suggested that oil mills that are doing primary oil extraction can consider adding a small edible oil refining equipment to speed up the added value of products and take the branding route.

benefits of coconut oil production
Benefits of Coconut Oil Production

Although the prospects of small coconut oil processing plants are good, there is also a premise that the quality of the edible oil produced is not compromised and meets the national food safety standards. The coconut oil processing equipment produced by ABC Machinery can obtain high-quality edible oil that is clarified and free of impurities and meets national standards after pretreatment, pressing and refining of the oil. The equipment has a high degree of automation, large processing capacity and high production efficiency. It can be regarded as a cost-effective equipment with investment potential.

The gradual opening of the grain and oil market has made the development of the edible oil industry show vigor and vitality, and has become a sunrise industry in the world with broad market prospects. If you also want to invest in coconut oil or other soybean, rapeseed oil and other processing industries as a project to get rich, please contact us, ABC Machinery can provide you with the entire edible oil processing line and hot push single machine equipment.

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