Copra Oil Expeller Machine and Filter Machine to Thailand

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Recently, a customer from Thailand brought one set YZS-85 Oil Expeller Machine and one set Z26 Oil Filter Machine from ABC Machinery for coconut copra oil extraction. It is mainly used to extract oils from copra. All the machine is small scale for his own home use. Below is the picture of Samll Coconut Copra Oil Processing Machine at our factory ready for shipment and delivery to Thailand. (Read More: Coconut Oil Expeller Machine Philippines >>)

small coconut oil expeller machine ready for shipping
YZS-85 Copra Oil Expeller Ready for Shipping
copra oil expeller machine to Thailand
YZS-85 Copra Oil Expeller Packed for Delivery
coconut oil filter machine ready to Thailand
Z26 Oil Filter Machine for Truck Loading

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What is the Prospect of the Small Coconut Oil Processing Plant?

Coconut oil is a vegetable oil derived from coconut pulp. It is the main product of coconut processing in the world and one of the bulk products in the international oil trade. It has a broad market prospect. If you want to start an edible oil processing business, it is a good choice to open a small coconut oil processing workshop. Below, ABC Machinery will analyze this problem and provide you with some suggestions.

Make Coconut Oil
Make Coconut Oil

  • First of all, in terms of raw materials, the international area for planting coconut trees is wide and can provide sufficient raw materials for processing. From the perspective of the market, coconut oil has high nutritional value and high consumer acceptance. Therefore, the market demand for coconut oil is still very large.
  • Secondly, many people now see the business opportunities of small coconut oil processing, but we need to know that the processed edible oil needs to meet food safety standards. Edible oil refining is a direction for the development of small coconut oil processing workshops and has market potential.

Coconut Oil Refining Process
Coconut Oil Refining Process

Generally speaking, crude oil can be eaten directly, but it cannot be used for sale. Crude oil contains necessary impurities and does not meet food safety standards, so it is not allowed to be sold. If you want to commercialize your own edible oil, you must refine the crude oil you get, and add filtration and refining equipment on the basis of primary processing. ABC Machinery recommends that you choose matching filtering and refining equipment to refine the crude oil while purchasing an oil press machine.

Oil Refining Equipment
Oil Refining Equipment
Plate Frame Oil Filter Machine
Plate Frame Oil Filter Machine
  • Finally, opening a small coconut oil processing plant requires less space. You can choose a small oil press machine. The investment cost is relatively low and the floor space is small. Moreover, ABC Machinery can provide you with technical guidance after installation and help you quickly go into production.
  • Coconut Oil Production Line Work Video

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Hot Sale Copra Oil Mill Machine Manufacturer - ABC Machinery

For most small scale coconut oil or copra oil processing, the most important thing is to choose the right supplier of the copra oil pressing machine for two reasons, one is to ensure stable and efficient oil production, the other is to get the most competitive price to lower investment cost.

hot sale copra oil press machine at factory price
Hot Sale Coconut Oil Expeller Press Machine

ABC Machinery supplies Screw Oil Press Machine and Hydraulic Oil Press Machine for small scale coconut oil or copra oil pressing. They are both suitable for coconut oil extraction, but different in the detailed coconut oil extraction principle and price. Generally, the hydraulic oil press machine can achieve Cold Pressing while screw oil press machine is more suitable for Hot Pressing.ABC Machinery designs and produces edible oil processing equipment, which can be customized according to your needs, and engineers will debug the installed equipment to ensure that the production requirements are met. Welcome to contact us to start your edible oil production business.

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