10TPD Small Coconut Oil Refining Line in Philippines

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This project was built in August 2012 in Philippines. It was a small scale coconut oil refining line to produce high quality coconut oil. Below is the picture taken about onsite installation and commissioning of coconut oil refining machines. (You may also like Coconut Oil Press Machine >>)

10 tons per day coconut oil refining factory in Philippines
10TPD Coconut Oil Refining Factory in Philippines

the coconut oil refining machine installation onsite
Small Coconut Oil Refining Machine Installed in Philippines

coconut oil refining line installation

Complete Coconut Oil Refinery Plant - Small Scale

refined coconut oil by small oil refining line

Refined Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil Refining Process - Batch Type & Small Scale

Coconut oil is a typical lauric fat that is taken from coconut dried meat. The physical refining process of compete coconut oil production equipment is as follows.
coconut oil refining process

The process is a dry batch operation. After the acid and oil are thoroughly mixed, they need to be dehydrated by vacuum, and then the bleach earth is added for decolorizing. The selection of distillation deacidification and deodorization process conditions is the main factors affecting the overall proces of coconut oil refining. Due to the large fluctuation range of the acid value of the coconut oil, the process conditions must be properly adjusted to ensure that the refining is within a reasonable range. In principle, when the acid value of the oil is high, the lower distillation deacidification temperature and the smaller flow rate are used to prolong the residence time; and when the acid value of the crude oil is lower, the higher temperature and the larger flow rate are used. The recovered fatty acid distillate preferably has a free fatty acid content (calculated as lauric acid) of more than 50%.

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