Detailed Introduction of Soybean Oil Processing Steps and Equipment

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What do I need to know to open a soybean oil processing plant? This is a concern for many customers who are new to the oil industry. Investing in an edible oil processing plant is not a trivial matter. Before proceeding, you must consider your true demands, and then do a series of preparations, such as: formalities, plant site selection, capital investment, supporting processing equipment, and so on. Doing your homework before opening a soybean oil processing plant can achieve twice the result with half the effort.

Start a Soybean Oil Manufacturing Unit in India

Start a Soybean Oil Manufacturing Unit in India

Understanding the soybean oil processing steps and required equipment is a prerequisite to be understood before starting a factory. In this article, ABC Machinery will introduce in detail the soybean oil production process and the essential elements required to configure soybean oil processing equipment, aiming to help you better start your edible oil manufacturing business at a low cost.


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Specific Process and Equipment for Soybean Oil Production

Soybean oil is the oil squeezed out of soybeans by using soybean oil processing equipment through cleaning, crushing, softening, embryo rolling, steaming, frying, and oil extraction. The specific processing steps are as follows:

Soybean Oil Production Process and Equipment

Soybean Oil Production Process and Equipment

  • Cleaning: Use vibrating screens, magnetic separators, stone removers and other cleaning equipment to remove stones, dust, metal particles and other impurities in soybeans, which can not only speed up the oil yield and quality of soybeans, but also avoid the abrasion of equipment used in other processes by impurities.
  • Crushing: transport the cleaned soybeans to the crusher equipment to crush large-grain soybeans. Its purpose is to make the grain size of soybean meet the rolling embryo condition and increase the surface area of soybean by crushing, which is conducive to the transfer of temperature and water.
  • Softening: The crushed soybean particles are transported to a softening pot for softening, increasing the extensibility of soybeans and making it more suitable for rolling embryos. If the embryos are not softened directly, a large amount of powder will be produced, which will not only cause part of the oil loss, but also affect the Follow-up process.
  • Embryo rolling: The softened soybeans will be transported to the embryo press to turn the soybean particles into flakes, destroy the cell tissue of the soybeans, increase the surface area of the soybeans, shorten the oil flow time, and make the oil flow more easily.
  • Steaming and stir-frying: Use steaming and frying pan to adjust its temperature and moisture to make it reach a state suitable for pressing.
  • Squeezing: The soybeans that have been processed through the previous steps are transported to the soybean oil press machine for compression, and soybean oil can be obtained.

The above-mentioned soybean oil production process and the equipment used in the steps are the standard version of the soybean oil production line. According to your needs, you can appropriately adjust the soybean oil pressing process and the required equipment configuration. For example, if your soybean processing capacity is relatively small or there are no strict requirements on the quality and oil yield of soybean oil. You can choose cleaning equipment, drum steamer, and a soybean oil press  machine to produce edible soybean oil.

In addition, if you want to further process soybean oil, you can add a set of soybean oil refining equipment to further process the squeezed crude soybean oil to obtain high-purity soybean oil. For more equipment details, please click the button to contact GEMCO Machinery.

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How Many Factors Need to Be Considered when Configuring Soybean Oil Processing Equipment?

Nowadays, soybean oil processing equipment on the market can be said to be diverse, with different specifications and models. As an equipment manufacturer with 10 years of experience in the oil industry, ABC Machinery would like to remind friends who want to open a soybean oil manufacturing unit to pay attention to the selection and configuration of soybean oil processing equipment. Because of the reasonable configuration of soybean oil processing equipment, not only is the equipment stable and worry-free, but also can create relatively large economic value for investors!

Consider processing technology and configure corresponding equipment

There are two main processing technologies on the market to produce soybean oil, called the pressing method and the extraction method. Different processing technologies require different processing equipment for soybean oil. For example, the pressing method needs to be equipped with pre-treatment equipment and soybean oil press machine; while the pre-extraction method needs to be equipped with pre-treatment equipment and extraction equipment. If the quality requirements for finished edible oil are high, refining equipment can also be added. The difference between the two processing technologies is mainly reflected in the oil output rate, configuration level, and processing capacity. Customers can configure the corresponding equipment according to these requirements.

Two Main Soybean Oil Processing Technologies

Pressing method  Pre-treatment equipment and soybean oil press machine
Extraction method Pre-treatment equipment and soybean oil extraction machine

Calculate the daily processing capacity and determine the production scale

Calculate the daily processing capacity of the factory, determine the production scale, and configure peanut oil processing equipment that matches the productivity. If your processing capacity is relatively small, ABC Machinery recommends that you configure a rolling caldron fry seed machine, screw oil press machine and plate frame filters, which can process 1-10 tons of soybean oil raw materials per day, which is suitable for the daily production needs of small oil press mill.But if your processing capacity is relatively large, you can use the above-mentioned pre-expression extraction method to process soybean oil.

Small Size Soybean Oil Mills

Small Size Soybean Oil Mills

According to the capital situation, reasonably configure the equipment

To open a soybean oil processing plant, in addition to the cost of equipment, there are costs such as plant rent, utilities, and labor. Therefore, allocate funds reasonably according to your own situation, and choose to configure peanut oil processing equipment with high or low versions. For example, in the pretreatment section, some customers will choose to simplify or replace certain equipment, so that the investment cost will be less. In contrast, soybean oil processing equipment is equipped with a high degree of automation, high production efficiency, high oil yield, and good quality oil. So it is best for investors to rationally configure equipment based on the capital situation.

The above are the three essential elements necessary to configure soybean oil processing equipment. It is very important to set up edible oil processing plants, purchase edible oil processing equipment, and correctly choose cooperative manufacturers. Good edible oil processing equipment is of high quality, superior performance, reasonable price, and timely service. The equipment produced by ABC Machinery has been sold to Nigeria, Moldavia, Brazil, Jamaica, Ghana, Tanzania, Senegal and other countries and regions, and is trusted by customers with its excellent equipment and sophisticated service. If you are still worried about how to choose processing equipment, please fill out the message form below to consult!  (You may also interested:Processing and Purchase of Home Oil Press Machine>>)

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