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With the continuous improvement and development of oil pressing technology ,as well as people's higher and higher requirements for the quality, efficiency and oil yield of pressed edible oil, there is an increasing demand for buying oil press machines for household use. (Read more:The current status and development prospects of the global cooking oil market in 2020>>)


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Small Scale Oil Press Machine for Home

Home oil press machines generally face the majority of families, with low crushing cost, high oil yield and simple operation. But many people have this question before starting business: Can a small scale home oil press machine be used for processing a variety of oils? How to choose a cost-effective oil press machine for home?The following ABC machinery will answer the above 2 questions in detail for you.

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Can a Home Oil Press Machine Process a Variety of Oils?

Regarding the question of whether the home oil press machine can squeeze a variety of  raw materials, ABC Machinery can tell you responsibly: The small scale oil milling machine for home use can process different materials,because ABC machinery has already done experiments in person long ago. In addition, many domestic and foreign customers purchase ABC machinery for household oil presses that are not only used to produce one kind of oil. Judging from the pressing feedback from customers, it is also very smooth to manufacture different materials. Therefore, if you want to achieve the small goal of multi-use, you can buy with confidence.

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 Set Up an Automatic Production Oil Plant

The common types of oil processing machine currently on the market are: screw press machine ,temperature-controlled combined oil press machine, multifunctional screw press machine. These three types of oil making machine can process different oil raw materials, such as peanuts and soybeans. , Oil sunflower, sesame, rapeseed, castor bean, tea seed, almond, walnut kernel and so on.

Will There be Odor When Processing Different Materials with a Home Oil Press Machine?

Regarding the question of whether the home oil press machine will produce odor when processing different raw materials, it can basically be ignored, because we can take some necessary measures to intervene.

At first, when we processed different raw materials , one oil was squeezed, and then the next one was squeezed, so there was very little residual oil on the machine. If you still have such worries, ABC Machinery recommends that you do this: After squeezing one kind of oil, and then before squeezing another kind of oil, you can use the cake of the previously squeezed oil to clean the machine, so that you can reasonably avoid the problem of impure oil caused by a machine pressing multiple oils.

Friendly reminder: If financial conditions permit, ABC Machinery recommends that you can use two oil processing machine to make different oils, so that there is no odor.

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How To Choose A Cost-effective Oil Press Machine for Home?

With the numerous brands of oil milling machines, what should we consider when choosing a screw oil press machine for home. Now,ABC Machinery provides you with the following considerations.

  • Check whether the materials and workmanship are solid

If we can't check the internal parts of the screw press machine, we can learn about it through the materials and workmanship of the appearance of the equipment. For example,Whether the outer casing of the equipment and the workmanship around the fasteners are solid and free of burrs, etc.

  • See whether the operation design is reasonable, whether the cleaning is simple and convenient

Home users of screw press machines do not need complicated dashboards, etc. The simpler the operation, the better. And it is also very important whether the cleaning after each use is convenient.

  • Check the efficiency of oil press

The oil output rate of a screw press is an important indicator of machine performance. Because generally there is about 5% of the oil that cannot be squeezed out by physical means. The screw oil press with too low oil yield is the result of unscientific design.

  • Listen to the level of work noise

The quality of the internal motor is a little quieter, and the motor runs well. The working noise of the household oil press machine should not be too high, otherwise it will affect the quality of life of the family and the relationship between the neighbors. What determines the working noise is the production quality of the internal motor. The thicker the copper coil in the motor, the greater the power, the better the heat dissipation of the motor, and the easier it is to control the noise of the oil press machine in a lower range.


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Screw Oil Press Machine Supplier

  • See whether the brand and after-sales service are formal and perfect

There are many brands of household oil press machines on the market, and choosing a well-known brand of oil milling machine has better after-sales and maintenance services. If equipment and operation problems occur, they can be communicated and resolved in a timely manner.

ABC Machinery is a professional manufacturer of cooking oil production equipment. We are good at customizing different types of complete sets of oil processing mills for customers, and provide a variety of edible oil stand-alone equipment. If you or your friends need to set up a fully oil mill plant or purchase oil processing machine for home use,you can just leave a message to contact us.


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