What’s the Equipment Layout in A Mini Complete Oil Extraction and Refinery Plant?

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People are now having increasing demand for high quality cooking oils, so starting a small scale edible oil production factory has been a great business investment for farmers, young start-ups with little capitals, businessman who want to have a try in edible oil industry and so on since the cooking oil manufacturing plant cost would be much less compared to large scale ones. 

Start Mini Cooking Oil Production Business
Start Mini Cooking Oil Production Business

Especially, a mini complete oil extraction and refinery plant can process various oilseeds into edible oils, including groundnut/peanut, sunflower seeds, coconut/copra, cottonseeds, mustard seeds, corn germ, rice bran, palm kernel, sesame seeds, niger seeds, soybean, and more, which provides more flexibility for your mini oil mill business.

Mini Oil Extraction and Refining Machines for Complete Oil Mill Plant

To build an oil mill factory for cooking oil production, oil extraction machine and edible refinery machine are necessary investment. Many customers, especially those who needs to buy these equipment from other countries worry about to buy inferior equipment at high price . Actually, choose a reliable oil processing machinery supplier would eliminate all these worries. 

Mini Oil Extraction and Refinery Plant
Mini Oil Extraction and Refinery Plant

ABC Machinery has been specialized in manufacturing oil processing machinery for at least 20 years. In addition to export single oil extraction unit, we also offer turnkey project of oil mill plant. In these years, our overseas installation team have been to Nigeria, Tanzania, South Africa, Zambia, Togo, Kenya, Australia, Philippines, Mexica, Jamaica, Russia, United States, etc. 

Complete Oil Production Plant Supplier
Complete Oil Production Plant Supplier

If you are interested setup edible oil processing plant and want to visit the projects we built in your regions, or want to know the exact project cost, equipment list and more technical information, please just contact us, we are happy to help you on this!

Mini Oil Extraction and Refinery Plant Layout Design

Small Cooking Oil Factory Functional Space Setup and Layout

According to the edible oil extraction process, the functional rooms are divided into the following: raw material storage, frying workshop, oil pressing workshop, packaging material storage, dressing room, packaging room, oil refining workshop and finished product storage. According to the function of each functional room, the general operation area and clean operation area are distinguished according to different health control requirements.  (For related reading, see Cotton Oil Manufacturing Process>>)

The following figure is the layout design of the functional room of the small scale oil  mill factory for your cooking oil business plan

funtional workshop layout design of small/mini oil mill plant
Small Cooking Oil production Factory Functional Workshop Layout Design

Oil Pressing and Refining Equipment Setup and Layout

All the equipment is scientifically placed to save the factory space and improve the oil manufacturing efficiency. The detailed oil processing equipment has:

complete oil pressing and oil refining equipment layout design

Complete Oil Pressing and Oil Refining Equipment Layout Design

Video Presentation on A Mini Oil Milling Plant Layout Project

The video above shows a kind of oil mill equipment layout design:  a mini/small oil production line that is designed with seeds pretreating section, small oil pressing line and oil refining section

inquire about the price and cost

Generally, we will offer the customized layout design based on the factory space. If possible, our technical engineers will go to the field and measure the dimensions so as to ensure no mistakes for installation and commissioning. Any questions, please contact us directly!

How to Ensure the Profits of Your Mini Oil Production Line?

The business mode to directly sell the crude oil after extracting by oil milling machines is obsolete in the market. Customers can accept the cooking oil made by physical oil pressing method, but few customer buy the crude oils since the direct consumption of crude oil has many disadvantages, such as drug residues, heavy metals, colloidal impurities and waxes.

For mini or small scale edible oil milling factory, only improving the quality of the edible oils can ensure the profits. This is why the mini complete oil production plant provided by ABC Machinery is equipped with mini edible oil refining machines. 

Build Your Own Mini Oil Production Line
Build Your Own Mini Oil Production Line

The refining steps of edible oil include deacidification, degumming, decolorization, drying, dehydration, deodorization and dewaxing, which can greatly improve the quality of cooking oils. Through oil refining process, the produced cooking oil can meet all the standards, so it can be sold well in the market. Low-quality cooking oils definitely can’t win in the market. 

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Global Vegetale Oil Consumption 2019~2020

Vegetable Oils Consumption (million metric tons) Vegetable Oils Consumption (million metric tons)
Palm Oil 71.48 Peanut Oil 6.12
Soybean Oil 55.46 Cottonseed Oil 5.08
Sunflower Seed Oil 19.33 Coconut Oil 3.56
Palm Kernel Oil 8.56 Olive Oil 2.97
Low Cost Mini Oil Extraction Unit
Low Cost Mini Oil Extraction Unit

Equipment layout design of mini oil extraction & refinery plant – buy high quality cooking oil machine for edible oil making: HOT sale oil extraction machine and oil refining equipment offered by edible oil processing machine manufacturer or supplier, guide on process of cooking oil production and how to start edible cooking oil manufacturing business with limited cost in Tanzania, Egypt, Morocco, Ghana, South Korea, etc.

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