The Ultimate Guide to Buying Groundnut Oil Extractor Machines

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Are you considering venturing into the world of groundnut oil production? Maybe you've been exploring the idea of starting your own small-scale groundnut oil extraction business or simply want to extract peanut oil for personal use. In either case, investing in a high-quality groundnut oil extractor machine is the first step towards achieving your goals.

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Groundnut Oil Extraction Process: Regular vs. Cold Pressing

One of the common types of groundnut oil is expeller-pressed oil (Different from chemical solvent extraction oil). To create expeller-pressed oil, you need to press the peanut through a cavity, using pressure and friction to extract the groundnut oil. While seeds’ remains will form into groundnut oil cake that makes excellent animal feed. 

The pressing methods can be categorized into ordinary pressing and cold pressing, both of which are essentially the same in principle mentioned above. The difference is that cold pressing requires the press to extract oil from peanut seeds at a temperature of 60°C (122°F).

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► Cold Pressing Process: Peanut kernel → cleaning → crushing → oil pressing → filtering → cold pressed peanut oil

► Hot Pressing Process: Peanut kernel → cleaning → crushing → cooking/steaming→ oil pressing → filtering → expeller pressed peanut oil

Notice: Because peanut kernel oil content is as high as 40-50%, ABC Machinery suggests using the second pressing method to press groundnut oil to improve the oil yield.

The pre-pressing process extracts about 76%-78% of the peanut oil from peanuts. Appropriate increase of moisture (about 4%) and lower temperature (107-121℃) during pre-pressing of peanuts are conducive to lowering the protein denaturation rate. The residual oil in the peanut cake after pre-pressing is about 12-14%, and then the oil cake is pressed. 

As you decide between standard-pressed and cold-pressed groundnut oil, it’s essential to note that both are useful for different applications. For example, cold-pressed oils usually provide more health benefits, making them an excellent choice if you’re creating oils for consumption. Expeller-pressed oils are often ideal for soaps, lubricants, and metal workings.

If you have any questions about peanut oil processing, FEEL FREE TO CONTACT US for professional answers!

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[Tips] Buy Right Groundnut Oil Extractor Machine for Your Business

Buying a groundnut oil extractor machine, also known as a peanut oil extraction machine, can be a significant investment if you're planning to start a small or large-scale groundnut oil production business. Here are some tips to consider when purchasing one:

1 Define Your Requirements of Your Business

  • Determine the scale of your oil mill plant: Are you planning to run a small or large-scale peanut oil production business? Your groundnut oil extractor machine's capacity will depend on your production volume. (Learning More: How to Start Groundnut Oil Business in Nigeria>>)
  • Consider the power source: Groundnut oil extractor machines can be powered by electricity, diesel, or even manual operation. Choose the one that suits your location and budget.

2 Research Different Types of Groundnut Oil Extractor

There are various types of groundnut oil extractor machines, including screw oil presses, hydraulic oil presses, and solvent extraction machines. Research and choose the type that best fits your needs.

  Working Principle Scale of Business Quality of Oil Budget and initial investment Operation and Maintenance
Screw oil press machines Work by pressing the groundnuts with a continuous screw Cost-effective for small to medium-scale operations High-quality oil, can be used for cold pressing Lower upfront costs Simple operation and maintenance,but need more frequent maintenance
Hydraulic oil press machines Use hydraulic cylinders to exert pressure on the groundnuts Suitable for small to medium-sized businesses, non-continuous production High-quality oil, can be used for cold pressing Relatively higher initial cost require less maintenance
Solvent extraction machines/plant Using a solvent (often hexane) to extract oil from the groundnuts Ideal for large-scale commercial production sometimes affect the oil quality due to the use of chemicals higher initial cost Complex production process, require less maintenance

► Groundnut Oil Refining Process: Once the crude peanut oil has been extracted through pressing or solvent extraction processes, it needs to be refined using edible oil refinery plant to remove impurities and improve its quality so that it is suitable for food or industrial use.

Whichever machine you are interested in or have questions about, contact us now!

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3 Quality Assurance: Buy Extractor from Reliable Manufacturer/Supplier

Look for reputable manufacturers and suppliers with a history of producing reliable and high-quality machines.

4 Balance Price and Budget with the Machine Quality

Determine your budget for the machine and stick to it. While it's important to consider quality, don't overspend on features that you don't need. You need to balance the quality of your machine's performance with your budget.
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5 Basic Warranty and Customer Support:

Check if the manufacturer offers a warranty and after-sales support. A warranty can provide peace of mind in case of any defects or issues with the machine.

6 Consult with Experienced Experts in the Field

If you're new to the groundnut oil extraction business, consider consulting with experts or joining industry forums to get advice and recommendations from experienced professionals. Feel Free to Contact Us – ABC Machinery!

By following these tips, you can make an informed decision when buying a groundnut oil extractor machine and set yourself up for a successful oil production business.

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