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soybean oilSoybean oil comes from soybean seeds. Soybean oil is the most productive oil in the world. The color of crude soybean oil varies with the variety of soybean seed coat and soybean, it may be in light yellow, slightly green, dark brown and so on. The refined soybean oil is pale yellow. Soybean oil is the world's largest producer of cooking oil and accounts for two-thirds of all America cooking oil production. Soybean oil contains saturated fat, monounsaturated fat, polyunsaturated fat. Soybean oil is rich in linoleic acid, which can reduce serum cholesterol and prevent cardiovascular diseases. Soybean oil also contains a lot of vitamin E, vitamin D and abundant lecithin, which are very beneficial to human health. Soybean oil has high nutritional value and the human digestive absorption rate is as high as 98%. (Read more about Soybean Oil Pressing Machine >>)

Small Soybean Oil Filter Machine for Sale

Oil Filter Machine is used to remove the foreign impurities contained in the crude oil so that to produce pure cooking oil. We offer different small soybean oil filter models for different demands, mainly including centrifugal oil filter and plate and frame oil filter. (You may be also interested in Soybean Oil Processing Plant >>)

centrifugal oil filter machine for soybean oil
Centrifugal Oil Filter Machine for Soybean Oil
small soybean oil filter machine
Plate and Frame Oil Filter for Soybean Oil

Features of Centrifugal Soybean Oil Filter

  • It can remove phospholipid contained in crude oils.
  • It is small in size, easy in operation, efficient in performance
  • It can efficiently separate the residues, eliminating the needs to clean oil residues
  • The oil filtering can be completed within 2~3 minutes. Each time it can process about 30 kg crude oil.
  • It doesn’t require filtering cloth, eliminating the hassles of cloth washing and replacement

soybean oil filter machine in oil pressing line

Centrifugal Oil Filter in Small Oil Pressing Line

Features of Plate and Frame Soybean Oil Filter

soybean oil filter machine in soybean oil pressing line
Plate and Frame Oil Filter in Oil Pressing Line

Reliable Soybean Oil Filter Supplier

We are professional supplier of various oil processing equipment. Oil filter machine, as the indispensable part within an oil pressing plant, has been the main product of all the catalogue of oil mill equipment. Small soybean oil filter machine is not only great oil filtration unit in small oil pressing line, but also the most important equipment in oil refinery plant. In the past years, we have sold oil filter machine for many small scale oil making business workshop or individuals, or small or middle size oil mill plant. (Read more about Mini Soybean Oil Making Business >>)

best soybean oil filter machine supplier

If you have any questions about soybean oil filter machine, or any other soybean oil mill machinery, please contact us for professional information!

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