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Rapeseeds, also called charlock, rape, rape seeds, is now planted for the production of animal feed, edible vegetable oils and biodiesel. It is the world third-largest source of vegetable oil, after soybean and oil palm. The leading producing areas of rapeseed are EU, Canada, China, India and Australia. Rapeseed oil, derived from the rapeseeds, is golden yellow or brownish yellow, with a certain stimulating smell, which is called "green smell". The smell is caused by a certain amount of glucosinolates, but the species-specific rapeseed does not contain the substance.

rapeseed oil from rapeseed
Rapeseed oil contains 0.4-1.0% peanut acid, 14-19% oleic acid, 12-24% linoleic acid, 31-55% erucic acid, 1-10% linolenic acid. In terms of nutritional value, the absorption rate of rapeseed oil can be as high as 99%, and it is beneficial to bile function. In the pathological state of the liver, rapeseed can also be metabolized by the human body. Rapeseed oil has the effect of softening blood vessels and delaying aging. Because the raw material of rapeseed oil is a plant seed, it usually contains certain seed phospholipids, which is very important for the development of blood vessels, nerves and brain. Rapeseed oil has little or no cholesterol, so people who should control the cholesterol can eat it safely.

Rapeseed Oil Press Machine at Competitive Price

As the most important part of rapeseed oil production, a suitable and good rapeseed oil press machine can greatly improve the rapeseed oil pressing efficiency. Fortunately, our YZS series single screw oil press, with various models, provides you the BEST choices for rapeseed oil making. They all passed the CE and ISO9001:2015 certification. There are always one model that is made for your needs.

rapeseed oil press machine at competitive price

YZS Series Rapeseed Oil Press Machines

YZS Series Rapeseed Oil Press Machine Parameters

Model Capacity Power Outline Dimension (M³) Weight (KG)
YZS-85 Rapeseed Oil Press 60-80kg/h;
1.4-2 T/24hrs
5.5Kw-4P 1.20*0.40*0.90 200
YZS-95 Rapeseed Oil Press 150-200kg/h;
3.5-5 T/24hrs
11Kw-6P 1.60*0.70*1.35 530kg
YZS-105 Rapeseed Oil Presss 210-300kg/h;
5-7 T/24hrs
15Kw-4P 1.83*0.70*1.35 550kg
YZS-128 Rapeseed Oil Press 300-375kg/h;
7-9 T/24hrs
15Kw-6P 2.01*0.60*1.17
YZS-130 Rapeseed Oil Press 450-500kg/h;
18.5Kw-6P 2.00*0.80*1.38 850kg
YZS-150 Rapeseed Oil Press 750-850kg/h;      
30Kw-6P 2.18*0.79*1.79 1380kg

Rapeseed Oil Press Machine Advantages

  • In addition to process rapeseed, it can also process other vegetable oil seeds efficiently, including corn germ, tea seeds, hempseeds, copra, palm kernel, almond, soybeans and more.
  • Stainless steel cover above pressing cage and stainless steel oil outlet pan for clean rapeseed oil production
  • Improved feeding system in hopper makes smooth and stable raw material feeding
rapeseed oil press machine at factory price

How to Make Rapeseed Oil?

There two main methods to make rapeseed oil, one is by pressing rapeseeds and the other is by leaching extraction. But, compared to leaching extraction, physical pressing has many advantages, including low investment cost, suitable for any production capacity. Using physical pressing method to produce rapeseed oil, there are no limits for the production capacity. It is suitable for mini, small, medium or large scale oil production. And, it has no strict requirements for the factory space, oil production equipment, safety operation and other. Besides, the rapeseed obtained from pressing contains no chemical additives. So, how to make rapeseed oil by physical pressing method. Below is the main steps to make rapeseed oil, which is suitable for all types’ capacity of rapeseed oil making.

Cleaning: Uses professional cleaning equipment to remove the main impurities contained in rapeseeds. Rapeseed in harvest or drying process, may be added to impurities such as sand, dirt, rape stem leaf, if these impurities without effective treatment, not only can lead to poor quality of the cake, but also can reduce the quality of the oil. In addition, if the oil contains sand, mechanical impurities and so on, will also cause damage to the oil pressing equipment. Therefore, in order to ensure the smooth operation of rapeseed oil production, a certain amount of cleaning must be carried out before entering rapeseed oil press machine.

Heating Treatment of Rapeseed: Heating treatment is one of the effective steps to improve the yield of rapeseed oil, and is also an important process in vegetable oil production. Heating treatment means to heat the raw materials, usually known as steaming or frying embryos. The raw rapeseed, after heat treatment, can increase the oil yield. The quality of heat treatment can greatly affect the oil yield of rapeseed oil. (See more heating treatment at Cooking Machine>>)

Rapeseed Oil Pressing: Since there are a certain difference between the shape of rapeseed and other plant seeds. The process of rapeseed oil pressing has a higher demand for the oil press machine. However, the YZS series rapeseed oil press machine we developed can sufficiently destroy the molecule and final get the maximum oil output.

Rapeseed Oil Clarification or Refining

The oil comes out from rapeseed oil press machine is crude rapeseed oil. Usually, it can’t be used for cooking directly, since there are some impurities and substances contained in the crude rapeseed oil. Crude rapeseed oil must be clarified or refined by oil filter machine or oil refining machinery before eating.

Rapeseed oil, after refining process, can be directly consumed or made into various products in different specifications. Rapeseed oil using as salad oil is for cold mix, fried food, candy and snacks. Since its saturated fatty acid content is low, using rapeseed oil to make cheese can low the production cost. So, rapeseed oil is a kind of good substitute of cheese. At the same time, rapeseed oil also has a wide application in industry. It can be divided into three kinds: rapeseed oil, rapeseed oil fatty acid and its derivatives, which can be used in different industrial production, and can be made into a variety of industrial products.

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