10TPD Castor Oil Manufacturing Plant Exporte to Zimbabwe

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Castor oil has great importance globally as it can be used for multiple purposes. It’s most commonly used in the production of makeup products, soap, paints, rubber, paper, plastic, medicine, perfumes, lubricants, textile, and food products etc. It is produced from a plant called Ricinus communis. As the oil extracted from the seeds of this plant has great value, it is grown in different countries especially India, China and South Africa where they export the oil globally and earn a large amount of revenue every year. In year 2018, global market of castor oil was worth USD 1.5 billion. According to stats, this market will be much grown in a few years (USD 2.2 billion till 2025). (Read more: Castor Oil Business Plan >>)

Castor Oil Industry
Castor Oil Industry

10TPD Castor Oil Manufacturing Plant to Zimbabwe

Recently, our client in Zimbabwe ordered a 10TPD small scale oil pressing line to process castor seeds. He is a farmer in Zimbabwe and plants large scale castor plants. He brought this castor oil processing machines to produce crude castor oil for sales. 

Castor Oil Manufacturing Plant
Castor Oil Manufacturing Plant

The main equipment included in the small castor oil manufacturing plant has shellercooker, oil press machine, plate and frame oil filter machine and screw conveyor

Castor Seeds Cooking Machine
Castor Seeds Cooking Machine
Screw Conveyor
Screw Conveyor
Castor Oil Pressing Machine
Castor Oil Pressing Machine
Cator Oil Filter Machine
Cator Oil Filter Machine

Small Castor Oil Extraction Machines Parameters

Model Capacity Power Dimension Weight
Screw Oil Press Machine 400 KG/H 8 HP (Diesel Engine) 1910mm*610mm*1600mm 520 KG
Cooking Machine 500 KG/H 2.2 KW 2100*1070*1420mm 520 KG
Oil Filter Machine 100 KG/H 0.55-0.75 KW 780*530*670mm 155 KG
Screw Conveyor 1000 KG/H 1.5 KW 2880*1080*575mm 300 KG

Castor Oil Manufacturing Process

For many castor farmers or small or mini oil mill plant, how to make castor oil at low cost and easy operation has been a thing they concern most. Actually, castor oil can be extracted by many methods, but the most cost effective castor oil manufacturing process is by mechanical pressing that adopts screw oil press machine to squeeze oil out from the seeds. Therefore, small scale oil pressing line has been equipped by many castor farmers or small scale oil factory to start or expand their castor oil manufacturing business. Below details the main steps of small scale castor oil manufacturing plant. (Read More: Oil Mill Setup Cost >>)

  • Castor Seeds Dehulling: By the squeezing effect of rollers make castor shell broken and to separate castor seeds.
  • Castor Seeds Cleaning: Commonly adopts screening, wind separation, magnetic separation and other methods to remove all kinds of impurities.
  • Castor Seeds Cooking: Refers to the process of wetting, heating, steaming, frying, etc.
  • Castor Oil Pressing: Adopts the mechanical pressure to squeeze oil out from the castor seeds by screw oil press machine.
  • Castor Oil Filter: To remove the organic impurities contained in the crude castor oil.

Above is the most common castor oil manufacturing process in small oil factory. But, it is just for a reference. In some cases, the castor oil manufacturing process also includes small oil refinery machine. If you are interested in, please contact us to get more technical supports on castor oil production. We have rich experiences in castor oil processing, both oil pressing and oil refining!

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10TPD Small Castor Oil Manufacturing Machine Video

Castor Oil Production Business Opportunity in Africa

Agriculture is an important industry in Africa through which it makes a lot of revenue every year. Growing castor plant is also easy there as it has the ability to tolerate harsh environmental conditions as well. So setting up oil processing plant to start castor oil production business in Africa is a bright idea as numerous big industries in the world depend on it. (Read More: Oil Extraction Machine for Small Business >>

Africa has large production of castor oil plant which means that the material that is needed for the production of castor oil is in much abundance in Africa. Establishing an oil business when its market demand is increasing continuously is a perfect opportunity for any entrepreneur to get success through it and expands this market globally. Setting up castor oil processing plant in Africa has many benefits such as: 

  • Easily get the castor seeds at relatively low price since large quantities of castor seeds are grown
  • Huge demand of castor oil, both in Africa and the global
  • Relatively simple oil production process and machine requires less investment capitals
  • Castor oil seeds are very rich in oil. It has 30% to 50% oil in it which makes it a very favorable oil among its producers. 
  • It can be easily grown in Africa as it can tolerate harsh environmental conditions.

Investing in castor oil production business in Africa can bring a lot of success to any investor. You will have to find a good working team, highly productive equipment, and a good marketing strategy to make your plan of establishing this business a success. 

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