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Small Castor Oil Extraction Machine for Sales

ABC Machinery offers various types oil extraction machine for the castor oil processing, including Single Screw Oil Press, Automatic Oil Press and Auto-temperature Control Oil Press. All of our machine is built with high quality steel and is especially efficient in oil pressing, which makes it the most popular equipment in commercial castor oil processing plant.

hot sale small castor oil extraction machine at factory price
Hot Sale Small Castor Oil Extraction Machine for Sales

In addition, these machine are also widely used to process other oil-seeds, including soybean, palm kernel, peanut/groundnut, sesame seed, mustard seed, rapeseed and more.

Small Castor Oil Extraction Machine Orded by Bangladesh Customer

This YZS-68 Small Castor Oil Extraction Machine was ordered by one of customer from Bangladesh. Except for Oil Press Machine, he also ordered a Mini Oil Filter Machine. Since his raw material is dehulled castor seeds, he only required oil press machine and oil filter machine for his small size castor oil processing. He visited our factory and other supplier, attended the 125th Canton Fair that held in Guangzhou, China. But, in the end, he chose us, ABC Machinery, due to the high quality of equipment and considerate service.

bangladesh customer ordered castor oil extraction machine
Bangladesh Customer Signed Contract
small castor oil extraction machine
YZS-68 Castor Oil Extraction Machine


Model Capacity Power Dimensions Weight
YZS-68 Castor Oil Press 0.8-1T/24H 5.5KW 920*390*750MM 150KG
Z26 Mini Oil Filter Machine 85-100KG/H 0.55KW 900*410*750MM 430KG

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Commercial Castor Oil Extraction Method & Process

Generally, the oil content of castor oil seeds is about 30%~50% based on different variety. Typically, there are three methods for castor oil extraction

1) Mechanical Pressing - Oil Press
2) Solvent Extraction - Hexane
3) Combination of Mechanical Pressing and Solvent Extraction

castor seed oil

Castor Oil Extraction Process

Below takes the mechanical pressing method as an example to explain the detailed castor oil extraction process, which is more suitable for small to medium scale castor oil manufacturing plant.

small castor oil extraction plant for sales
5~30TPD Small Castor Oil Extraction Plant - Mechanical Pressing Method

  • Dehulling

Castor seeds should be dried after being harvested. Dry castor bean can be split from the hull easily by professional dehulling machine to get the castor oil seeds.

  • Cleaning

Dehulled castor seeds are cleaned to get rid of all the organic impurities, like sticks, stems, sands, dirt and more. Also, the iron should be removed out from the castor seeds.

  • Heating or Hardening

Clean castor seeds then are heated or cooked to remove the moisture, which is very important process before oil extraction since it helps to improve the oil yield.

  • Oil Pressing

Screw oil press is adopted to press the castor seeds and the oil is released out. The castor oil press machine expeller is a high-pressure continuous screw press to extract the oil.

  • Oil Filtering

Castor oil directly get from the screw oil press contain many impurities, the filter machine can greatly remove the organic impurities and make it more clear.

  • Oil Refining

Oil refining machine is to remove the impurities such as colloidal matter, phospholipids, excess free fatty acids (FFAs), and coloring agents. The castor oil refining process steps include degumming, neutralization, bleaching, and deodorization. The refined castor oil has a long shelf life about 12 months as long as it is not subjected to excessive heat.

small castor oil refinery machine for sales
1~20TPD Small Castor Oil Refinery Machine

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