Overall Analysis on Rapeseed Oil Production Line Setup Cost in Tunisia

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Filed Visit of Rapeseed Oil Production in Tunisia - ABC Machinery

The professional technical engineers team from ABC Machinery went to Tunisia in June 2019 with the aim to help our customer solve the technical problems about setting up the complete rapeseed oil production plant, which includes one 20tpd oil pressing line, one 10tpd edible oil refining line and one 10TPD automatic bottle blowing and oil filling line, etc. We had a series of meetings with our customers to discuss the technical problems that will be encountered during the setting up process. In addition, we also focused on the environment requirements, therefore, we adjusted some of the technical process and details to meet the demand of local environment requirements.

our engineers with customers
Tunisian Customer with Our Engineers
Tunisia customers with our engineers
Customers with ABC Machinery

Cost on Setup Rapeseed Oil Production Line in Tunisia

small oil production line for sales
Small Rapeseed Oil Production Line for Sales

Capital investment in rapeseed oil production line varies from the capacity, oil manufacturing process, technical requirements and more. Here listed some of the cost on setting up a complete rapeseed oil production line for your reference, which is valid from 10~400 tons per day.

Rapeseed Oil Production Plant Overall Cost Analysis
Main Oil Processing Machine 30% Communications 3.5% Land 2.5%
Supporting Equipment 1.5% Construction Infrastructure 4.5% Maintenance and Logistics 1.5%
Instruments 16.7% Mechanical Works 6.5% Feasibility Study and Design 10.0%
Equipment Transportation 3.3% Pipelines and Protection Surfaces 6.0% Permits, Licensing, etc. 1.0 %
Building and Storage Facilities 12.5% Electric Works and Devices 7.5% Contingencies 7.5 %


mini rapeseed oil production line
Mini Rapeseed Oil Production Line
small edible rapeseed oil production line
Small Edible Oil Pressing Line for Rapeseed


If you are interested in rapseed oil production and want to get the technical supports, please do not hesistate to contact us. ABC Machinery is always here, we will provide you all the details and help you to successfully set up a complete rapeseed oil production plant to expand your business and lower the investment cost!

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Rapeseed Oil Production in Tunisia?

The shooting demand on omega-three rich rapeseed has seen many small and large scale farmers' shift to the varieties with a high content of omega-three in many parts on Tunisia. The omega-three has many health benefits such as the proper brain coordination, proper cardiovascular system functioning, maintaining adequate and healthy cholesterol levels in an individual body.

The good news is that the minimum daily intake of the Omega three can be achieved by taking two tablespoons of rapeseed since it contributes to over 75% of the daily intake. Rapeseed oil is ideal for preparing your raw vegetables, seasoning of your salads, among other uses. Edible both when cold and hot. It is also usable as a natural flavor on top of being suitable for pan-frying your meat, fish, and vegetables. (Read More: Cost Setting up Edible Oil Plant >>)

Tunisia rapseed oil production cost

Is There Any Government Support in the Rapeseed Production in Tunisia?
Yes, many small and large organization embracing rapeseed farming is the result of the realization of the Tunisian national goals on the agricultural structuring and development. The support from the federal government has seen better management and more logical organization of the sector especially from the upstream to downstream production has seen the creation of better business opportunities for farmers in almost all areas of the value chain value addition, ranging from raw grain production, processing and bottling to final consumers.

Additionally, now it is possible for the Tunisia farmers to produce adequate oil for its consumers in her soil and thus becoming a fully independent on agricultural production. It has created employment too many Tunisian citizens on top gaining huge national income from the export to other countries. The nutritional benefits of the rapeseed oil have seen a healthy nation free from life-threatening diseases resulting from lousy cholesterol in the body. Tunisian residents provide a broad market for rapeseed oil as they are a significant consumer.

Now, Tunisian government is trying to ensure a correct agro-industrial structuring and resource development for investors. It led to outsourcing support from experience organization in the production of rapeseed in the Tunisian soil. Several organizations partnered with the Tunisian Government to create favorable environment for the production of rapeseed oil.

how to start your own production line with best business plan

Tunisia edible oil production industry is rapidly growing. Edible oil is basically oil acquired from plant seeds and make suitable for cooking. Some of the oilseeds found in Tunisia include olives, soybeans, rapeseeds, sunflower seeds and more. Tunisia is currently the second-largest olive oil-producing country in the entire world. In addition, Tunisia government is trying to promote the soybean oil and rapeseed oil production. (Related Post: Cooking Oil Production Line >>)

rapeseed oil production in Tunisia
Rapeseed Oil Production in Tunisia

Since there are encouragement policy for rapeseed planting in Tunisia, currently, over 100 large scale farmers are cultivating over 3000 hectares, and the number is expected to shoot annually due to the high demand of the rapeseed oil nationwide and internationally. The cultivation has been customized to be 100% Tunisian owned. The production has continually been expanding to cater for the ever-growing international and local demand on the rapeseed oil. (Related Equipment: Rapeseed Oil Press Machine >> )

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