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If you are looking for a reliable supplier for your soybean oil extraction machine for business purpose, ABC Machinery is definitely a BEST choice. We are a Chinese rising Original Equipment Manufacturer of oil press machine. Our equipment is designed to extract oils efficiently from various oil-bearing seeds, including sunflower seeds, mustard seeds, rape seeds, soybeans, peanut/groundnut, niger seed, moringa seeds, flaxseed, tea seeds, cotton seed and more. What’s more, we have excellent designing, manufacturing, technical and after-sale teams to undertake turnkey projects of vegetable oil processing. With the increasing demands of global vegetable oils, more and more investors, businessman, farmers tend to us for vegetable oil extraction machinery, We hold faith in every effort for our customer service, expect win-win development with customers!

soybean oil extraction machine at factory price

Soybean Oil Extraction Machine at Wholesale Price

Soybean oil is now the most popular vegetable oil around the world. No matter which place you are living in, it is easy to get the raw soybeans to produce soybean oil, which must be relied on some kind of soybean oil extraction machine. As above mentioned that ABC Machinery is a professional oil processing equipment manufacturer in China. The soybean oil extraction machine we provided is featured with high efficiency, low operational cost, easy operation and less maintenances. Our soybean oil press machine adopts mechanical pressure to squeeze oil out from the soybeans, so there are no chemical additives into the whole soybean oil extraction process and the oil obtained is more favorable by modern people. (Read more about Soybean Oil Making Business Plan >>)

Appearance Model Capacity Power Weight Dimension
YZS-85 soybean oil extraction machine YZS-85 Oil Pres 60-80kg/h 5.5Kw-4P 200kg 1.20*0.40*0.90 m3
yzs-95 soybean oil extraction machine YZS-95 Oil Pres 150-200kg/h 11Kw-6P 530kg 1.60*0.70*1.35 m3
YZS-105 soybean oil extraction machine YZS-105 Oil Pres 210-300kg/h 15Kw-4P 550kg 1.83*0.70*1.35 m3
YZS-128 soybean oil extraction machine YZS-128 Oil Pres 300-375kg/h 15Kw-6P 775kg 2.01*0.60*1.17 m3
YZS-130 soybean oil extraction machine YZS-130 Oil Pres 450-500kg/h 18.5Kw-6P 850kg 2.00*0.80*1.38 m3
YZS-150 soybean oil extraction machine YZS-150 Oil Pres 750-850kg/h 30Kw-6P 1380kg 2.18*0.79*1.79 m3


Start Your Own Oil Making Business by Soybean Oil Extraction Machine

  • This multi-functional soybean oil processing machine is also available for other oil-bearing seeds or oil-rich plants, including sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, niger seeds, cotton seeds, mustard seeds, rape seeds, moringa seeds, jatropha seeds, camellia seeds, and more
  • Compact size with scientific designs makes it efficient in any oil production factory
  • Easy operation and less maintenance are BEST quality for long-term oil production
YZS-150 Soybean Oil Extraction Machine Operation Video

The Frequently Asked Questions about Soybean Oil Extraction Machine

Do I Have to Go to Your Factory to Learn How to Operate It?

Answer: Actually, it is not necessary since we have complete 7/24 email and phone call service for any of your questions regarding to our oil extraction machinery. In addition, we have some of teaching videos to tell you about the installation, lubrication, trial running, spare parts replacement and so forth. What’s more, for complete soybean oil extraction plant, we will assign professional technical engineers to your site to take in charge of the installation and commissioning process.

soybean oil production project engineers
ABC Machinery Technical Engineers with Customers

What is the Terms of Warranty and Spare Parts?

Answer: ABC Machinery’s soybean oil extraction machine is backed with 1 year from the date of delivery. But, it the quick-wear parts and man-made damages are not covered. Generally, we provide sufficient quick-wear spare parts for every set of soybean oil extraction machine to ensure the normal production.

factory price soybean oil extraction machine spare parts
Soybean Oil Extraction Machine Spare Parts

How to Start a Small Scale Soybean Oil Extraction Plant?

Answer: Small scale soybean oil extraction plant involves a complete set of soybean oil processing equipment, including the pre-treat equipment, oil extraction equipment, and some even the soybean oil refinery machine. But, it is not a complicated project. We can provide custom-made solutions for every soybean oil extraction plant with the aim to maximize the input-output ratio. (Read more about Mini Soybean Oil Mill Plant >>)

small scale soybean oil extraction plant

Small Scale Oil Extraction Plant

What is the Soybean Oil Extraction Process?

Soybean oil extraction process maybe have a little different based on the region, raw materials, capacity, and the requirements for final products. Therefore, we generally offer custom-made plan and extraction process based on the specific requirements.

soybean oil extraction process
Complete Soybean Oil Extraction Process

In conclusion, if you are looking for an ideal soybean oil extraction machine, please read more about our products and projects. We believe we are your BEST choice from all the sides. Any questions about soybean oil extraction, please do not hesitate to contact us anytime!

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