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For people whose investment budget is relatively tight, how to start a peanut oil processing mill at lowest cost is virtally important. ABC Machinery, as a leading oil mill machinery supplier in China, has been exported vegetable oil manufacturing equipment for customers around the world for years. We have gained rich practical experiences in oil small scale oil mill plant, especially in some countries, such as Nigeria, Ghana, India, Russia, Zambia, Tanzania, Australia, Suda and more. The typical capacity for small peanut oil mill we supply ranges from 1TPD to 30TPD. If you are going to set up a small peanut oil manufacturing mill, the following information is very helpful. (You may also like Peanut Oil Process Machine >> )

small peanut oil mill plant

Small Scale Peanut Oil Processing Mill We Built in Togo

If you are interested in starting a complete peanut oil factory or full business plan for peanut oil manufacturing, please contact us directly for detailed facility list and latest quotation! We are always here to serve you!

Peanut Oil Mill Complete Facility - Small Scale

Peanuts are the most common oil-bearing materials and can planted everywhere, especial in the sandy soil. Peanut oil mainly contain oleic acid, linoleic acid, palmitic acid, stearic acid, arachidic acid, behenic acid, lignoceric acid and other fatty acids. Peanut oil processing mainly involves several processes, including peanuts shelling, peanuts pretreatment, peanuts oil extracting, peanut oil filtering and peanut oil refining. Surely, for different scale of the peanut oil processing factory, the equipment are decided by the specific process.

mini peanut oil mill for sales
An Example of Mini Peanut Oil Mill (1~10T/D)

Peanuts Sheller
Some factory may get the peanut with shells, the first step for peanut oil milling is to remove the peanut shells with professional machine. However, if your raw materials is cleaned peanuts without shells, this process can be neglected.

Peanuts Pretreatment Equipment
This process contains all the process to prepare qualified peanuts for oil pressing. The purpose of peanut pretreatment is to improve the oil yield. Pretreatment machine for peanut oil manufacturing are cleaning sieve, destoning machine, flaking machine, crushing machine, cooking machine and more.

Peanut Oil Pressing Machine
Pretreated peanuts are transported by conveyor to screw oil expeller to get the crude peanut oils. Screw Peanut Oil Expeller is the most cost effective oil extraction machine for small scale peanut oil production plant. It is has many outstanding features, including easy operation, less maintenances, long-term serve life, low price, high efficiency and more.

Oil Filtrating & Oil Refining Unit
Based on the final use of peanut oil, generally, it is necessary to filter and refine the crude oil to improve the quality of crude oil. Oil Filtering is relative simple while Oil Refining is a complicated oil processing that normally requires professional technical staff to help the installation and commissioning.

Oil Filling & Packing Machine
Refined peanut oil can be directly sold to the market. But, for better sales, it can be filled in bottles. We also provide high quality oil filling and packing machine.

small peanut oil production millMerits of Small Peanut Oil Manufacturing Mill

  • Less Investment & Low Operating Cost

Since the capacity it relative small compared to large scale oil plant, the investment is relatively small. And, the factory space is small, required worker is mall. The total cost for a small scale oil mill is acceptable. That’s why a lot of businessmen choose to start a small oil factory to enter into the oil making business.

  • Complete Functions of Oil Processing

Although the capacity is relatively small, all the functions of oil processing are included in small peanut oil factory. So the quality of oil can be guaranteed.

  • Easy Operation and Less Maintenance

Small oil mill adopts screw oil expeller to extract oil, so it has all the merits of screw peanut oil press. So, it is very easy to operate and maintain.

Reliable Peanut Oil Mill Supplier

small peanut oil processing plant exported to Sudan

5TPD Peanut Oil Processing Plant Exported to Sudan

Above is a customized small scale peanut oil mill exported to Suda. This is the picture we taken in our factory. It is very suitable for small scale edible oil pressing. More importantly, it can also process other oil-bearing seeds, such as soybean, palm kernel, jatropa, mustard seeds, niger seeds and more. We have been in manufacturing edible oil mill machinery for decades and have build many oil processing projects in the world. Therefore, we are your reliable peanut oil processing mill supplier. Any questions about peanut oil processing or other oil production, please just tell us without hesitations!

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