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ABC Machinery has engaged in oil press machine manufacturing for at least two decades, and now is the leading oil processing machinery supplier in China. We are committed to advocating for the cost effective oil processing while satisfying the requirements of our customers. The palm kernel oil expeller machine is the now the hottest product among our product catalogue. It is now the most popular single machine to extract oils out from palm kernel. (You may also like Palm Kernel Oil Production Business Plan>>)

Palm Kernel Expeller Machine

Our palm kernel expeller machine is screw oil press machine that makes use of mechanical force to squeeze oil out from the palm kernel. It is mainly composed of pressing chamber, material hopper, machine stand, gear box and more. When pretreated palm kernel into the pressing chamber, the screw shaft keeps rotating to push into the materials to press oil out. In addition to palm kernel, this type of crew oil press expeller can be used to extract oil out from most oil-bearing materials, including peanut, soybean, sunflower seeds, moringa seeds, and more. (Read more about high quality soybean oil pressing machine>>)

palm kernel oil expeller machine structure
Screw Palm Kernel Expeller Machine Structure

In order to make for highest oil output, our palm kernel expeller machine has many modifications, which makes it the most cost effective screw oil press machine for palm kernel. (Read more about palm kernel oil pressing machine>>)

Advanced Feeding Mechanism: The V-belt wheel with tension pulley is adjustable, so it can be adjusted any time to ensure smooth and stable material feeding.
Helical Gear Design: the helical gear design equipped in the gearbox makes for stable screw shaft pressing, smooth and efficient transmission. At the same time, it can minimize too much noises when the machine is running.
Stainless Steel Oil Tray and Pressing Cage Cover: for more clean oil production process

Advantages of Palm Kernel Oil Expeller Machine

palm kernel oil expeller machine at factory price
Palm Kernel Oil Expeller at Factory Price
  • Takes up little space and requires less investment, very suitable for small or start up palm kernel oil production business
  • Easy to operate, it do not require too much complicated operation, very easy to learn and grasp the operating key points.
  • Can be switched to process other raw materials or process multiple raw materials together, this is very great for those who want to make various vegetable oils
  • High quality materials for longer service life. And we also provide high quality spare parts for its normal and stable performance

This palm kernel oil expeller machine is ideal choice for small scale or medium scale oil plant. Palm kernel oil production process includes nut separation, crushing, cleaning, cooking, extracting and refining and more. We can offer the complete set of palm kernel oil processing equipment based on your capacity and production requirements. If you have any interests, please contact us for detailed models and latest price, we are always at your sides.

palm kernel oil meal usagesSomething about Palm Kernel Oil Meal

Palm kernel oil meal not only contains high energy value protein, crude fiber, mineral, vitamin be, but the manganese, silicon content is also high. And its amino acid is balanced. It not only can be used with maize to greatly increase the utilization of the energy feed. At the same time, it is a useful supplement of protein feed, so that the livestock can grow more rapidly and healthy, while can achieve the purpose of reduce costs.

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