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Baobab Seed Oil - High Value Seeds Oil

Baobab is a genus of deciduous trees known as Adansonia. They grow in arid regions of Madagascar, mainland Africa, Arabia, and Australia. Baobab fruit contains baobab seeds and the oil content of baobab seed is up to 15%. Baobab seed oil is light yellow in color and is the high-end vegetable oil or cooking oil. (Related Post: Cooking Oil Manufacturing Plant Cost >>)

baobab seed oil extraction
Baobab Seeds Oil

Baobab oil contains almost equal proportions of 30% saturated fatty acids (stearic acid, palmitate), 35% oleic acid, 30% linoleic acid and trace amounts of vitamins A, D, E.

Baobab Seed Oil Processing Machines for Sales

In order to meet the requirements of different oil production capacity and requirements, ABC Machinery provides various types oil press machine and auxiliary equipment for baobab seed oil processing.

baobab seeds oil press machine for sales
Baobab Oil Press Machine for Sales

 All of these baobab seed oil press machine is easy to operate and has many practical features. All of the three types baobab seed oil press machine are absolutely cost effective and efficient for baobab seed oil extraction. Please click below button to get the latest price list!

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Baobab Seeds Oil Extraction Process

small baobab seed oil production line
Small Baobab Oil Processing Plant

  • Baobab Seeds Collection: The baobab seeds grow within the baobab fruit, so it is necessary to remove the powdery inner part and fruit shell to get the baobab seeds.
  • Baobab Seeds Cleaning: The collected baobab seeds are then cleaned and dried for further baobab seed oil processing.
  • Baobab Seeds Decortication: Although it is also feasible to press oil from the baobab seeds without removing the shells, it is highly recommended to remove the seed husks by using mechanical decorticator to get the baobab seed kernels. Decortication not only can improve the oil output, but also protect oil press machine from the damages of hard outer husk.
  • Baobab Seeds Oil Extraction: Use screw oil press machine to squeeze the baobab seed kernels and get the oil.
  • Baobab Seed Oil Purification: Oil filter machine, such as plate and frame oil filter or centrifugal oil filter, are used to remove the organic impurities brought by the oil extraction process.

Because cold pressed and unrefined baobab oil may contain small amounts of Cyclopropenoid Fatty Acids, an anti-nutrient factor that adversely affects protein, oral administration is not recommended (some manufacturers remove this ingredient to make it edible), but it is safe for external use. We also have Mini Oil Refinery for Baobab Oil. (You may also like:  Cold Oil Press Machine for Seeds >>)

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Baobab Oil Uses and Benefits

Baobab oil is easily absorbed by the skin and does not leave any greasy sensation. It can strengthen moisture and repair damaged skin, highly moisturize the skin, soften the cuticle. While it increases skin elasticity and promotes skin cell tissue reproduction, it does not clog pores, allows the skin to breathe normally, and has the effect of soothing the skin. It is the best choice for people who lose young elastic skin. It can also be used as an oil for dry hair, nails and lips.

baobab oil uses and benefits
Baobab Oil Uses & Benefits

Baobab seed oil is thin, low density, nourishing, with trace elements and vitamins, such as omega-6 and omega-9 and vitamin E. It is an antioxidant, and helps in hydration and elasticity of both skin and hair.

Gives more brightness and and protection to your hair: As this oil has fatty acids, it is absorbed by the hair and has several benefits, such as increased brightness of the hair.
Nourishes the scalp and prevents hair loss: The oil can also be used directly on the scalp to help nourish, detoxify and even prevent hair loss. Baobab oil, when used at the hair's length, helps restore hair, making it healthier and naturally prettier.
Tones, moisturizes and protects your nails: Baobab oil tones and protects the nail , moisturizing and improving elasticity and preventing the cuticle from getting hard. In Europe, for example, they are against cutting the cuticle and use a lot of oil to soften it. Using this oil, you won't even have to take it off, just push the cuticle.
Prevents nail cracks: nails will eventually gain cracks or streaking, making them ugly. The oil will prevent these problems by keeping the nails healthy and beautiful.
Moisturizes the lips: On the lips, this oil can be used to moisturize and remove the small skins that come out of your lips when they are chapped.
Keeps the skin on your face hydrated: In your face, baobab oil penetrates the skin and will balance the lipids, which is the natural protection on your skin, keeping the skin more beautiful and protected.
Moisturize your heels: Baobab oil can also help prevent the “crust” that can form on your heels, leaving your feet hydrated and soft.

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