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The cold-pressed sesame oil can be directly used for cooking wherever it is produced. Cold pressed sesame oil is usually a popular vegetable oil. The color of crude sesame oil varies from yellow to dark amber. Refined sesame oil is usually light yellow, and commercially used as a salad oil and cooking oil, so it requires a particularly good preservation feature. (Read more about Sesame Oil Processing Machine >>)

Sesame Oil Refinery

Sesame oil can be extracted by mechanical process and solvent extraction. For mechanical extraction process, the crude oil obtained by sesame oil pressing machine often contains suspended particles, which can be removed by precipitation, separation or filtration. And it does not require strict purification and refining. However, if the sesame oil obtained by leaching process contains ecithin, resin, impurities such as free fatty acids and non-ferrous materials, which often require all edible oil refining process to get quality sesame oil, including degumming, neutralization, decoloring, wintering, deodorization, etc. (Read more about Edible Oil Refinery Machine >>)
basic process of sesame oil refinery

The alkaline refining of sesame oil can remove the colloid, free fatty acids and certain colored substances. Most of the vegetable oil needs to be decolored with bleached white soil, which makes the oil color lighter. Deodorization is necessary for preparing mild smell of oil. Crude oil refining is commonly achieved under the condition of vacuum and 200-250 ℃ heating process. When used as the base material for salad dressing, the crude oil must be kept stable in freezing condition, so it is often necessary to winter by cooling to remove the high melting point components that may be dissected at low temperature. However, sesame oil hardly needs winter.

Sesame Oil Refinery Plant for Sales

small scale sesame oil refinery plant for sale
Small Oil Refining Line for Sales

ABC Machinery is  supplies customized sesame oil refinery plant as customer requests, including the materials, the refining process. For example, if you are looking for stainless steel oil refinery equipment with only degumming process. It is availabe at ABC Machinery. In addition, backed by advanced oil refining technology and process, our sesame oil refinery plant is also applicable for other crude vegetable oils, including peanut oil, soybean oil, sunflower oil, mustard oil, rape seed oil, palm oil and more. The capacity of our small sesame oil refining plant is 1~30 tons per day, the medium is 20~50 tons per day and large scale is over 50 tons per day. (You may also interested in Mini Oil Refinery Plant >>)

Uses of Sesame Oil

sesame oil usesSesame oil is commonly used in dishes, and is used for frying, baking and braising meat, fish and vegetables. Fried foods (such as potato chips) with sesame oil are longer than other fried foods. Sesame oil is also used as a substitute for olive oil, mainly for salad oil and cooking oil. In Asian countries, dark sesame oil made from roasted dark sesame oil is highly valued for its unique flavor and aroma, serving as a flavor for meat, fish and vegetable dishes.

In addition to endogenous antioxidants (such as sesamin), the wide use of sesame oil is also due to its high content of unsaturated fatty acids, which is a natural salad oil that does not need winter. Because sesame oil has good quality and high price, it is often adulterated with peanut oil, rapeseed oil and cottonseed oil. The industrial use of sesame oil is very small, and only a small amount of low-grade oil is used to produce soap, pyrethrum insecticides, coatings, spices and various other USES for non-drying oils. It is not easy to be rancid or cured. It does not produce odors. Sesame oil is the base material for most aromatic oils and is used as a fixative in the spice industry.

Sesame oil is highly stable and is used in many countries in the world. High stability makes it a suitable vehicle for subcutaneous or intravenous drug delivery. Several pharmaceutical products use it as the solvent and carrier of estrogen drug, and also used to moisturize the skin massage agent. Sesame oil can be used as a laxative when the internal dose is high. Sesame oil containing sesame acid and sesame seed oil is mixed with insecticide (such as pyrethrum and rotenone) with synergism.

ABC Machinery is now one of the largest oil processing machinery supplier in China, with certification ISO9001:2018 and CE. We are expert in manufacturing oil press machine and oil refinery equipment. If you have any interests in sesame oil refinery plant, please contact directly.

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