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mustard oil used as cooking oilMustard oil is a amber colored oil with a pungent flavor and aroma. Mustard oil has been used both in cooking (internal) and in skin (external). Though there are some myths and misconceptions surrounding its use in cooking. Here are some uses of mustard oil. Mustard oil has been used in frying and proven to be efficient just like other oils. Mustard oil is also prefer edible oil in cooking due to its preservative qualities due to the presence of erucic acid which prevents insects from invading food. Mustard oil is also used as a flavoring agent because of its pungent flavor and aroma especially during special occasion for newly weeded couple. Mustard oil is also believed to contain a lot of nutrients that other oils which makes it preferred choice for many e.g- it has oleic and linoleic acid which make it suitable for blood circulation, boosting immunity, heart problems, shed toxins and hair health etc.

Buy You Own Mustard Oil Making Machine

ABC Machinery enjoys great reputation among oil mill machinery sector. With years of development, we have established creative solutions from screw oil press designing, manufacturing, commissioning to provide our customer complete service for turnkey oil mill project and premium quality spare parts

For mustard oil making, we basically have three types, single screw oil press, auto-temperature control oil expeller and fully automatic mustard oil machine with filters. Maybe your mustard oil making conditions are not ideal, but you can find the most suitable vegetable oil making machine from us to maximize your mustard oil making profits.

mustard oil making machine at factory price

Small Single Mustard Oil Making Machine
Capacity: 1.4~20 tons per day
1. Small in size, efficient in production, ideal equipment to setup mini, small, medium mustard oil plant.
2. It can be equipped with pedestal to avoid the hassle of building foundations.

Auto-temperature Mustard Oil Making Expeller
Capacity: 1.4~12 tons per day
1. Compact design contains motor, electric control cabinet and screw oil press into one machine, making it very convenient in actual mustard oil making.
2. Electric control cabinet automatically control the pressing temperature and moisture of mustard seeds, ensure the oil yield is highest.
3. It is suitable to individual mustard oil making factory

Automatic Mustard Oil Making Unit with Filters
Capacity: 3.5~12 tons per day
1. Automatic control system with heating pipe in the pressing cage attributes to optimal oil production rate
2. Air pressure oil filters can directly remove the impurities contained in the crude mustard oil, offering pure mustard oil.
3. Ideal choice for movable mustard oil making workshop or small scale mustard oil making plant

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Complete Equipment of Mustard Oil Making Plant

If you want to a professional mustard oil plant to ensure the quality of final mustard oil, further expand your market share of mustard oil. Install complete mustard oil making machinery is necessary. Surely, it requires capital investment, but if you choose us as your supplier, you will greatly lower the investment cost. All the mustard oil making machines is offered at factory price. More importantly, our mature and professional technical supports about onsite installation and commissioning would be greatly improve installation process, guaranteeing the normal operation so that you can sell premium quality mustard oil for more customers.

small complete mustard oil making plant

Small Complete Mustard Oil Making Plant (5TP Oil Pressing & 1TPD Oil Refining)

Mustard Oil Making Process
  • Pretreatment of Mustard Seed: Mustard seeds is the raw material for mustard oil. The basic process of mustard oil making is to get the quality mustard seeds that is dried, cleaned and selected to remove the moisture, foreign impurities and others before directly loaded into mustard oil press machines. In addition, in order to higher the oil yield, mustard seeds are often heated in professional cooking machines. (Related equipment at Auxiliary Equipment >>)
  • Pressing of Mustard Oil: Pretreated mustard seeds are transported to the screw oil press machine to squeeze oil out from it. Crude mustard oil and seed oil cake are produced in the process. Screw oil making machine directly crush and press the oil out from mustard seeds with any chemical additions, so the oil is healthy. (Related equipment at Mustard Oil Expeller >>)
  • Filtration and Refinery of Mustard Oil: This process is to improve the quality of mustard oil for human uses. It is highly recommended for mustard oil plant. It can greatly improve the quality of mustard oil, especially for cooking. (Related equipment at Mustard Oil Refinery Plant >>)

We have set up many oil mill plant in the world. The mustard oil making plant we built is mainly in India and Bangladesh. Our turnkey project plan of mustard oil making is geared to the practical situation, eliminating unneccessary waste. Anyway, if you are interested in mustard oil making or want to know more about mustard oil making profits, please contact us directly for FREE quotations, We can provide you the relevant videos about mustard oil making!

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