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The fully automatic screw oil press machine is an oil pressing equipment that small edible oil processing plants and oil mills need to use, and makes great contributions to the smooth progress of oil extraction. For small edible oil processing plants and oil mills, buying a screw oil press machine is a good choice, because the price is much cheaper, which will reduce the pressure on cost and capital for small edible oil processing plants and oil mills.

factory price srew oil press machine for sale
Factory Price Srew Oil Press Machine for Sale

According to the market situation, compared with the large oil press, the price of the screw oil press machine is about 30% of the large oil press. For small edible oil mills and mills, spirals are more advantageous in terms of price and features.If you are interested in starting a small-scale cooking oil investment business, an automatic screw press machine will bring you good returns.

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Features and Working Principle of Automatic Screw Oil Press Machine

The screw oil press machine is a special equipment for oil extraction. It can press peanuts, tea seeds, soybeans, sesame, corn germs and other crops into oil and oil cakes at one time, and the extracted oil is edible oil, which can be eaten by people. The cake can be processed into feed again. The screw oil press machine uses mechanical pressure to extrude the oil part contained in the crops, so as to achieve the purpose of oil extraction.

Advantages of Screw Oil Press Machine Produced by ABC Machinery

1. The structure of the screw oil press machine produced by ABC Machinery is mainly composed of a motor, automatic heating, transmission, vacuum oil filter and other components. The screw is composed of alloy carbon steel, which has strong hardness and high wear resistance;

2. The press row is ground by a surface grinder to ensure the smoothness of the oil line and improve the oil yield;

3. The automatic heating of the motor and other accessories are all standard components of well-known domestic brands to improve the machine configuration;

4. The surface of the machine is treated with stainless steel and chrome plating, which can meet the food hygiene standards.

The working principle of the screw oil press machine is to send the processed oil into the pressing chamber, and continuously push inward through the pressing screw for pressing. Under the condition of high pressure in the pressing chamber, pressure will be generated between the screw pressing chambers, which will promote the friction between the oil seeds, and the friction will generate heat. Denature, enhance plasticity, reduce viscosity, and make it easier to squeeze out oil, thereby improving the oil yield of screw oil press machines.

Working Process of the Screw Oil Press Machine

The working process of the screw oil press machine is roughly divided into: screening material - frying material - oil pressing - oil filtering.

small screw oil press machine production process
Small Screw Oil Press Machine Production Process

  • Sieve material

First, use a screening machine to screen out impurities in the oil, such as gravel, hard metals, etc. The screening machine can not only improve the purity of the oil, but also prevent hard substances from entering the press chamber and damage the oil press.

  • Stir fry

Stir-frying is an important part of determining the taste of the extracted oil. Stir-frying evenly at an appropriate temperature can make the taste of the oil more mellow, the fragrance is pure, and the subsequent oil yield can be improved.

  • Oil pressing

After frying, you can start pressing the oil. You must preheat the pressing chamber first, and then start to press the oil after preheating to a suitable temperature. Preheating the pressing chamber in advance can improve the production efficiency of oil pressing and save time.

  • Oil filter

The pressed oil is crude oil, which contains many impurities and cannot be eaten directly. The impurities in the crude oil should be filtered out before eating.

If you have any questions or needs related to edible oil production equipment and projects, please click the button below, and ABC Machinery will arrange for our engineers to communicate with you as soon as possible to provide you with a suitable package.

how to start your own production line with best business plan

What Factors Need to Be Considered when Choosing a Suitable Screw Oil Press Machine?

The screw oil press machine is a simple and compact edible oil production equipment, which is mainly used to mechanically extract edible oil from various oil plants. The screw oil press machine is fully automatic, easy to operate, easy to maintain, small in area and low in investment cost. More and more edible oil manufacturers choose it to start their own edible oil processing business. In order to choose a suitable screw oil press machine, factors such as raw materials, raw material processing capacity, equipment quality and equipment price need to be considered. ABC Machinery, the manufacturer of screw oil press machines, will explain in detail to you.

small single screw oil press machine cost
Small Single Screw Oil Press Machine Cost

  • Raw materials

The screw press oil machine can be used for multiple purposes and can handle a variety of oils. A series of conventional raw materials such as peanuts, rapeseeds, soybeans, sunflower seeds and cotton seeds only need ordinary single screw oil press, automatic temperature control screw oil press and automatic temperature control vacuum filtration screw oil press to complete the production of edible oil production task.When palm kernel oil needs to be extracted from palm kernels, a palm kernel screw press is required.

In order to meet your production needs, when purchasing a screw oil press, please tell us the type of raw materials, so that we can help you choose a suitable screw oil press.

  • The amount of raw materials processed

Each type of screw press oil machine has different specifications, and each type of screw press oil machine has its own raw material processing capacity range. When purchasing a screw oil press machine, you must first know the amount of raw materials that need to be processed every day, so that you can choose a suitable screw oil press machine. The following are the technical parameters of the single screw oil press machine produced by ABC Machinery, which can be used as your data reference:

BEST screw oil press machine model
Best Screw Oil Press Machine Model

  • Equipment quality

The quality of equipment is an important factor affecting the production process of edible oil and the quality of edible oil. In order to make the edible oil production process go smoothly and obtain good quality edible oil, it is important to purchase a good quality screw oil press equipment.

So how to judge the quality of the screw oil press machine? First check the overall appearance of the screw oil press machine, there is no obvious damage and loss. Next, check the various structural details of the screw press, as well as various accessories, to ensure that nothing is missing. In addition, the screw press of the screw oil press is an important part of the equipment, and its material and quality should be checked. In this way, a high-quality screw press oil machine can be obtained.

  • Equipment price

The price of the equipment is also an important factor to consider when purchasing a screw oil press machine. In order to buy a high-quality and cheap screw oil press machine, it is recommended to buy an oil press from the equipment manufacturer. On the one hand, equipment manufacturers sell equipment directly, eliminating the need for intermediate links, and equipment prices have an advantage. On the other hand, the equipment quality of the equipment manufacturer and the after-sales service of the equipment are guaranteed. If the screw oil press machine has technical operation problems, you can directly consult the equipment manufacturer to solve it.

Factory Price Small Screw Oil Pressing Machine For Sale

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Above is a working video of a screw press made by ABC Machinery. Through the above information, it is not difficult to find that the screw oil press has the characteristics of multi-purpose and low cost, which is very suitable for people who invest for the first time to start their edible oil production plan. We offer different types of small screw oil presses to suit different edible oil production capacities. They have passed ISO9001 and CE certification.

ABC Machinery has been manufacturing edible oil production equipment for 10 years, and has also done edible oil production projects in Nigeria, India, Zambia, Thailand, Nigeria, the Philippines and other countries. It is hoped that through the introduction and guidance of ABC Machinery, every customer can buy a screw oil press machine that suits him. You can also choose to contact us directly, ABC Machinery will provide high quality and factory price screw oil press machines.

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