What Equipment is Needed in the Soybean Oil Production Process?

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Soybean oil is in great demand and has market potential. Many customers choose to set up small soybean oil processing plants. However, on the one hand, they did not know much about the specific production process of soybean oil, and on the other hand, the investment budget was limited, so they chose to open a small soybean oil processing plant first. In this way, they can not only have a better understanding of the soybean oil industry and the soybean oil production process, but also accumulate capital for themselves to expand their business.

So what processing equipment do you need to start a small soybean oil plant?ABC Machinery is honored to answer your questions in detail.

small soybean oil making machine price

Small Soybean Oil Making Machine Price

how to start your own production line with best business plan

What Equipment is Required for the Soybean Oil Production Process?

The equipment often used in small soybean oil processing plants is the oil press machine. The nutrients and natural aroma of soybean oil produced by the oil press machine are well preserved and are very popular in the market. ABC Machinery produces different types and models of oil press machines, and it is necessary to choose a suitable oil production line according to the daily oil processing capacity. In addition, in order to obtain better quality soybean oil, other equipment can also be added according to your own investment needs.

1-10TPD Soybean Oil Processing Capacity

If the daily oil processing capacity is between 1-10 tons, ABC Machinery recommends choosing a simple and easy-to-operate oil press machine to produce pressed soybean oil. Common types of oil presses include single screw oil press machine, automatic temperature-controlled oil press machine, and auto-temperature control vacuum oil press machine. You can choose one or several oil press making machines to complete the soybean oil pressing business according to your own needs.

different kinds of oil press making machine
Different Kinds of Oil Press Making Machine Produced by ABC Machinery

In the actual production process, most customers will also use a frying pan to fry the oil first, and adjust its temperature, humidity and internal structure to a state suitable for pressing.In this way, the soybean oil pressing efficiency will be improved and the quality will be better.

>10TPD Soybean Oil Processing Capacity

If the oil volume planned to be processed per day is more than 10 tons, ABC Machinery recommends that you choose a small edible oil production line to process soybean oil, which can not only ensure the oil output, avoid some oil loss, but also control the investment budget.A small soybean oil production line includes cleaning sieve,rolling caldron fry seed machine, oil press machine, and oil filter. If you want to obtain high-quality soybean oil, you can also equip a small soybean oil refining equipment to remove impurities in the oil.

3 Steps of Small Soybean Oil Production
3 Steps of Small Soybean Oil Production

In addition to the above two situations, the engineers of ABC Machinery can also design the corresponding soybean oil production plan according to your needs. In order to design the plan more accurately and meticulously, we need to understand the basic situation of the project, including the type of oil, the amount of oil processed, and the requirements of refined oil. You can send us your specific needs through the button below.

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What Factors Should Be Considered When Purchasing Soybean Oil Processing Equipment?

For investors to open soybean oil processing plants, it is very important to choose high-quality soybean oil processing equipment. The following factors need to be considered when purchasing: the quality of raw materials used in production equipment, processing technology and technology, equipment operation safety and after-sales service, etc.

  • Raw materials used in production equipment

Only the use of excellent raw materials can produce high-quality equipment products. Professional equipment manufacturers will use high-quality raw materials to ensure the quality and service life of the equipment. ABC Machinery has its own factory, it can not only ensure the quality of equipment but also reduce the investment cost of customers.

Production Process of Soybean Oil Pressing
Production Process of Soybean Oil Pressing

  • Processing technology

The processing technology of the equipment will directly affect the quality of the refined oil. Therefore, it is more critical whether the process flow provided by the manufacturer is complete and whether it meets the needs of customers.ABC Machinery has its own engineering team and equipment manufacturing team, which can customize the process of soybean oil processing equipment according to the specific needs of customers, and can also design the plant layout for customers to make it more reasonable.If the soybean oil processing technology does not meet the demand, the quantity and quality of the produced soybean oil may not meet the quality standards, which will directly affect the actual profit of customers.

  • After-sales service

Perfect after-sales service is also an important factor to consider. Choosing a company with good after-sales service can solve your worries. ABC Machinery has rich experience in equipment design, production and installation, and engineers will debug the installed equipment to ensure that the equipment can meet the production requirements, allowing customers to quickly put into production and the project to proceed smoothly.

Finally, starting a small soybean oil processing workshop requires less space. You can choose a small soybean production line, which has a relatively low investment cost and a small footprint.  ABC Machinery can provide you with post-installation technical guidance to get you into production quickly. Don't hesitate to contact us!

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