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ABC Machinery is China largest Screw Oil Press Machine and Oil Refinery Machinery manufacturer and exporter. Our screw oil expeller is CE and ISO9001:2015 certificated for its environmental and quality management system. Some of our oil expeller models are patented with “Certificate of Utility Model Patent ” by the People’s Republic of China. In addition to oil press expeller and oil refining machinery, we also provide custom-made solutions for Vegetable Oil Production Turnkey Project. If you are planning to get into the castor oil production business, we are reliable and qualified supplier for castor oil production machinery!

small castor oil machine at factory price

Small Castor Oil Processing Machines

Screw Castor Oil Expeller at Factory Price

Castor oil processing involves a complete set of Oil Production Equipment, among which oil expeller press is the most important machine. Screw castor oil expeller makes use of the rotation of screw shaft that is designed with various screw worms to push the materials advancing within the pressing cage continuously. Due to the gradual shortening of the screw worm, the gradual shallowening of the screw worm depth, the spatial volume of the inner hole of the screw worm and the inner hole of the pressing rings is gradually reduced, and the squeezing effect of the sawtooth of the pressing rings to the embryo is use, and the oil in the embryo is separated, and is extruded from the gap between the pressing bars and the oil grooves in the pressing rings, and the residue is pressed into a cake and discharged from the outlet end. That is HOW the castor oil is made by screw oil expeller.

small screw castor oil expeller machine at factory price

Small Screw Castor Oil Expeller

The castor oil expeller machine by ABC Machinery has many outstanding features that can great improve the whole castor oil extraction process. (You may also like Castor Seed Oil Pressing Line >>)

  • High quality carbon steel and stainless steel are used to manufacturer the most robust oil expeller machine
  • Compact size with useful designs (such as oil cake smash device) enables easy operation, less maintenance, small noises, stable and smooth oil pressing
  • Factory direct supply price of the castor oil expeller helps to lower the cost of whole castor oil production business
  • Sufficient and cheap spare parts of castor oil expeller machine ensure your long-term production

castor oil expeller machine models
Screw Castor Oil Expeller Models

Why Castor Oil is Important?

Castor oil is a vegetable oil with unique properties in nature. Castor oil contains ricinoleic acid, oleic acid, linoleic acid and stearic acid, among which, ricinoleic acid accounts for 88%~90%. Castor oil is a kind of dry oil made from castor seeds (47%~50% oil content). It does not solidify under -18°C and not degenerate and burn under 500~600°C. The crude castor oil is deacidificated, washed, dehydrated, decolorized and filtered to prepare refined castor oil.

global castor oil supply and demand

World Castor Oil Production

In nature, castor oil contains the highest hydroxyl value of fat. Refined castor oil is an important chemical raw material, and its derivatives have been applied in many fields. Refined castor oil can be used as a premium lubricant for aircraft, ships and other high speed machinery. It is also the main raw material for engineering plastics. It can manufacture mechanical parts and radio parts for steel and other non-ferrous metals. Castor oil also can be used to produce biodiesel oil for green energy. Anyway, castor oil and its derivatives are very important industrial materials. Therefore, investing on castor oil production would be profitable, especially in Africa, Asia, America and South America, such as India, Jamaica, Columbia, America and more!

We have rich and practical experiences in castor oil processing. Our castor oil expeller performs very well in the oil mill plant we built. The latest project about castor oil expeller machine is a complete castor oil processing plant in Columbia. If you have any interests in setting up castor oil mill plant with screw castor oil machine, please contact us for more detailed information, we are always at your sides for your needs!

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