Castor Seed Oil Pressing Line

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With years of experiences in the field of oil processing and oil refinery, ABC Machinery is able to provide efficient oil pressing line and oil refining machinery for different plant seeds, including castor seed, peanut, soybean, palm kernel, corn germ, flaxseed, rapeseed, and more. The castor seed oil pressing line is designed to extract castor oil out from castor seeds. (You may be also interested in Castor Oil Press>>)

Application of Castor Oil

wide application of castor oil

Castor oil, derived from castor seeds by mechanical pressing process, has high economic value. The oil content of castor bean seed is about 40% ~ 70 %. Castor oil is not only important industrial raw material, and it is currently the only type of renewable green oil can replace oil resources. In addition, castor oil is widely used in medicine, cosmetics, lubricants, metalworking oils, fiber oils, coatings, plastics, adhesives, plasticizers, etc. The ricin content of castor oil is up to 80%, which offers many properties for castor oil, such as no oxidation. Therefore, it can be used to make many different products, such as soaps, cosmetics, lipsticks and more.

Castor Seed Oil Pressing Line

If you are going to make money from castor oil making, setting up a castor seed oil pressing line is definitely a great choice. The castor seed oil pressing line adopts new screw oil press machine to extract castor oil. It has many superior features. First, this oil pressing plant doesn’t require too much investment cost, both capital and labors. Secondly, it is very easy to operate and maintain. Stable and continuous castor oil extraction can’t interrupt the castor oil supply. Thirdly, its high efficient castor oil processing will shorten the cycle of recouping investment cost, which may be the biggest features for most investors. Last, we have gained rich and practical in setting up castor seed oil pressing lines worldwide, so we can offer you the BEST castor oil extraction plan for this oil pressing line. If you wanna know more information about castor seed oil extraction, please contact us for professional technical guidance.

castor oil pressing line at factory price

Castor Seed Oil Pressing Line (Capacity:15TPD to 20TPD)

Castor seed oil pressing line starts with seeds pretreatment, including a series process to get high quality and clean castor seed for next oil pressing process. Castor oil pressing is core process to get castor oil. The oil press machinery ABC Machinery designed can efficiently squeeze castor oil. And the castor oil press is now the most cost effective castor oil mill machinery in the market. What’s more, for more efficient and stable operation, we have improved the heating and feeding system, making it a perfect oil extraction in castor seed oil pressing line. However, when the process of castor oil pressing is done, it is not finished if you are going to produce high quality castor oil. The oil from castor oil pressing section is crude oil and it contains many different impurities. It is necessary to refine crude castor oil. ABC Machinery offer customized oil refinery for different castor oil applications. If you are interested in how the castor is refined, please see more information at oil refinery plant.

Below is the main picture about the packing details of castor oil pressing line we offer for a client in Columbia. The main equipment for castor oil pressing is single screw oil press, cleaning machine, conveyor, cooker, oil filter press and castor oil reifnery equipment. Detailed price of each castor oil mill machinery, please contact us to know more!

castor oil pressing line equipment list to Columbia

Equipment of Castor Seed Oil Pressing Line to Columbia

Anytime you feel interested in castor seed oil pressing line, or want to set up castor oil extraction plant, please get in touch with us, we are always by your sides!

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