50TPD Canola/Rapeseed Oil Processing Plant Setup in Russia

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Repaseeds Plantation, Canoal Oil Production and Canola Oil Meal in Russia

In 2021, rapeseed planting area in Russia reached an all-time high of 1,682 million hectares. This is an increase of 130%, or 194,000 hectares, over 2020. The area planted to rapeseed has increased by 71.7% in five years, 88.2% in 10 years and 3.3 times in 15 years. In 2020, the production of rapeseed was 2.79 million tons (2.57 million tons after cleaning). Compared with 2019, rapeseed production increased by 20.9 percent, 2.5 times in five years, 4.2 times in 10 years and 9.2 times in 15 years.

Russia Canola Oil
Starting Canola Oil Manufacturing Business in Russia

Canola oil production continued to increase. According to the US Department of Agriculture, Russia produced about 750,000 tons of canola oil in 2020, an increase of 22.1%(136,000 tons) from 2019. The ministry expects production to grow another 2.5% to 770,000 tonnes in 2021. The main export markets for Russian canola oil are China, Norway, Latvia and Lithuania. (Read more: How to Make Rapeseed Oil?)

The production of canola oi meal continues to increase. According to the US Department of Agriculture, Russia produced 1.13 million tons of canola oil cake and rapeseed meal in 2020, an increase of 18.7% (178,000 tons) from 2019. It is expected to grow another 2.7% to 1.16 million tons by the end of 2021. The main export destinations of Russian rapeseed meal are Finland, France and Sweden.

50TPD Canola Oil Processing Plant Setup in Russia | Solvent Oil Extraction

There are great demands for canola oil processing to turn the rapeseed into edible oils in Russia. How to and where to buy high quality and reliable canola oil processing equipment? ABC Machinery, here, can offer you the best answers. We recently completed the installation and commissioning of a complete canoal oil extraction plant in Russia. (Related post: Cooking Oil Manufacturing Plant Cost >>)

solvent oil extraction plant factory design
Factory Design of Solvent Extraction Plant for Canola Oil

  • Capacity: 50 tons/day
  • Oil Processing Technical: Solvent Oil Extraction
  • Raw Materials: Rape Seeds
  • Final Product: Crude Canola Oil
  • Related Machines:  Canola Oil Press Machine

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Canola Oil Extraction Project Onsite Installation nand Commissioning

factory site of canola oil processing plant in Russia
Factory Site of Canola Oil Manufacturing Plant
solvent oil extraction machine for canola oil
Installation of Solvent Extraction Machines for Canola Oil
rapeseed oil extraction plant setup in Russia
Solvent Extraction Plant Setup
water cooling tower for canoal oil processing
Water Cooling Tower
canola oil extractionp plant setup at low cost
Complete Canola Oil Extraction Plant
canola oil manufacturing machine for sales
Rotocel Extractor for Oil Processing Factory
rapeseed oil cake from canola oil plant
Rapeseed Oil Cake
abc machinery installation team for canola oil extraction
ABC Machinery Installation Engineers


If you are interested in upgrade your oil extraction machines or invest in canola oil production business, ABC Machinery can your good partners due to rich experiences in cooking oil extraction and all around service. Limited cost, no professional staff, these are all no problems for us. In addition, we have various types of oil extraction machines that are all at factory price and can meet both commercial or self use purpose. You also can find our oil mill plant projects in Ghana, Togo, Canada, Australia, United States, Moldavia, Jamaica, etc.  

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Steps of Canola Oil Extractoin Process

The raw material for this vegetable oil extraction plant is rapeseed. Here introduces its main rapeseed oil extraction process.

1. Raw materials go through the scraper transmission and come into the container, then through scraper device and twisted dragon, turn into one side of the rotocel extractor. Solvents from the solvent pump flow into the solvent holding tank and solvent sprayer, and into the other side of the rotocel extractor. The middle part of the leacher is divided into 16 parts by clapboards for the storage of raw materials. And the bottom of the leacher is divided into 7 parts by clapboards for the storage of crude oils. The leach starts to work at a speed of R /2h clockwise, and the mixed oil is continuously leached from the raw material through the mixing oil pump.

2. Finally, the raw materials after many times of leaching go through the feed opening leacher fall into scraper device, and enter into the vertical desolventizing machine. The mixed oil after multiple leaching enter into the holding tank and is pumped into the liquid rotary separator, staging and blended into oil tank, and then after the first evaporator, the second evaporator and stripping column solvent evaporation, solvent by corresponding condenser into the water tank, After water separation from the water tank back to the solvent turnover tank, the crude oil from the bottom of the stripper into the crude oil metering cabinet, and then into the crude oil tank through the crude oil pump.

3. The wet material entering the desolubilizer is evaporated, and the solvent steam enters the steam and desolubilization condenser through the meal catcher, enters the sub-water tank through condensation, and enters the solvent revolving tank through water separation. The evaporated meal is sent directly to the meal storage through a scraper. The free gas of all containers enters the final condenser, and after condensation enters the sub-tank, and after water separation enters the solvent revolving tank. Finally, the free gas of the condenser enters the tail gas absorption tower, the solvent enters the sub-tank, and the sub-water enters the solvent turnover tank, and the exhaust gas is directly emptied. At this point, all the solvent collection is completed, and then through the solvent pump from the solvent turnover tank into the leaching device for another cycle.

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