Stainless Steel Vegetable Oil Deodorizer

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As we all know that Vegetable Oil Refining involves a series of process, mainly including degumming, deacidification, decolorization, deodorization and more. However, sometimes, you may only need one or two oil refining process, not the complete oil refining process. In that case, what can you do? Buy a whole set of oil refining equipment? Or, change your plans? Actually, it is pretty easy for ABC Machinery to solve since we can provide customized oil refining process and corresponding equipment. The customized oil refinery equipment not only help customer to find out the precise machinery, but also greatly reduce the investment cost. Below is a latest order from one of our American client for a stainless steel vegetable oil deodorizer. (You may also like Edible Oil Filter Machine >>)

Stainless Steel Vegetable Oil Deodorizer

In this case, our customer requires an oil deodorizer to remove the unpleasant odors of bleached and neutralized oils. And the capacity of this vegetable oil deodoration equipment is about 25kg batch. And this oil deodorizer is used in his laboratory, so it is a lab scale oil deodorization equipment. Coincidentally, we just have a new lab scale stainless steel oil refinery equipment that ordered by a Danish customer for seal oil refining.

25kg lab scale oil refinery unit

Lab Scale Oil Refining Unit

Therefore, we offer them the picture about this lab scale stainless steel oil refinery unit, explain him the detailed technical process of oil deodorization, and guarantee him that our factory can offer a same unit, but only about the deodorization.

Oil Deodorization Equipment Manufacturing Process

The stainless steel oil deodorizer is all by hand casting, build, grinding and polish. The workmanship and the appearance is upscale. Certainly, its refining ability is also ensured. After comparison in the quality, the technical process, the cost, the service and more. Our customer quickly ordered a set of stainless steel lab scale vegetable oil deodorizer. And, as he request, the oil deodorizer is equipped with digital display cabinet and rotate wheels. In addition, in order to eliminate the hassles and problems of installation, the thermal insulation and pipe connections are well completed at our factory. In this way, our customer can use it directly when the equipment arrived. If you want to know more details about this equipment, please contact us directly!

25kg vegetable oil deodorizer

25KG Batch Vegetable Oil Deodorizer - Stainless Steel

Below is some pictures we take during the equipment manufacturing process.

stainless steel oil deodorization equipment manufacturing process

Stainless Steel Mini Oil Deodorizer

customized digital cabinet for oil deodorizer
Customized Digital Display Cabinet for Oil Deodorization Equipment


25KG batch oil deodorizer ready for shipment to America
25KG Oil Deodorizer Packed for Shipment to America

Oil Deodorization Process

Oil deodorization is the final process for some edible oils. It mainly removes the odorous materials and other minor unpleasant odors, and produces premium quality edible oils. The detailed process of oil deodorization is that the bleached oil is vacuumed and then heated. With advanced technology, our oil deodorizer offer smooth and efficient process, and ensure the final oil is greater.

oil deodorization process

The oil deodorization equipment we can supply is not lab scale, but also mini scale, small scale, medium scale and large scale. It can be used to create upscale edible oils, including palm oil, coconut oil, soybean oil, rapeseed oil, palm kernel oil, sunflower oil and more. In addition, we also provide complete vegetable oil refining machinery and specific oil refining equipment. If you have any interests in our oil refinery machine, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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