Peanut Oil Manufacturing Machine Delivery to Cameroon

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Peanuts, or legumes or groundnuts as they are often called, have a variety of health benefits. Peanuts are a rich source of antioxidants such as oleic acid, which can reduce the mortality of patients with coronary heart disease. Peanut is an important vegetable oil raw material, peanut oil is a relatively easy to digest edible oil.
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peanut oil production
Peanut/Grondut Oil Manufacturing
Cameroon peanuts production areas
Cameroon Peanut Main Production Areas

Small Size Peanut Oil Manufacturing Machine to Cameroon

Setting up a small size peanut oil manufacturing line in Cameroon is relatively easy and the investment cost is also relatively low due to the rich peanuts and sufficient labors. Below is the peanut oil manufacturing machine that brought buy one of our customer who is going to setup a Small Size Oil Production Line in Cameroon to produce high quality peanut oil for local market. (Related Post: Small Edible Oil Production Line Cost >>)

The main peanut oil manufacturing machine include: Screw Oil Press Machine and Edible Oil Filter Machine

Model Capacity Power Outline Dimension Weight
YZS-130 Oil Press 10~12T/D 18.5kw 2010*800*1380 mm3 830kg
YLB307 Oil Filter Machine 180KG/H 1.5KW 1270*570*640mm³ 430KG

peanut oil manufacturing machine to Cameroon
YZS-130 Peanut Oil Press Machine to Cameroon

peanut oil press hopper
Peanut Oil Press Hopper
peanut oil manufacturing machine in packing cases
Peanut Oil Machine in Packing
peanut oil filter machine to Cameroon
YLB307 Peanut Oil Filter
peanut oil filter machine in packing
Peanut Oil Filter in Packing

small peanut oil manufacturing machine ready to Cameroon
Small Peanut Oil Manufacturing Machines Ready to Cameroon

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Cameroon Peanut Production

Peanut farming began in South America, dating back 7,500 years. In the first century, the plant reached Mexico and expanded to North America, China and Africa. Peanut is a common crop in the world. Cameroon is one of the Top 10 peanut production country. (Read More: Groundnut Oil Processing Plant Setup Cost in Africa >>)

World Top 10 Peanut Production Country

Rank Country Production Rank Country Production
1 China 16,685,915 2 India 6,857,000
3 Nigeria 3,028,571 4 United States of America 2,578,500
5 Sudan 1,826,000 6 Myanmar 1,572,407
7 Chad 1,040,077 8 Argentina 1,001,113
9 Cameroon 747,677 10 Senegal 719,000


If you are also interested in peanut/groundnut oil manufacturing, please contact us directly for detailed informaion about peanut oil production process and machine. We supply the BEST oil manufacturing machine but at factory price!

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