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It was a new deal of mini animal oil refining plant from our Bangladesh customer. Its daily capacity is about 3 tons per day and its raw material is sardine fish oil. Our customer placed great importance on his investment for this small fish oil refining line, therefore, he came to China in person and visited our company and the sample project of small scale oil refinery plant. He was very satisfied with the sardine fish oil refining process, the fish oil processing machinery as well as our professional service and technical supports. In the end, he placed the order instantly after complete consideration. (Similar project: 5TPD Small Fish Oil Refinery Plant in Philippines>>)
Below was the contract signing at our conference room.

contract signing with Bengladesh client on sardine fish oil refining line

Contract Signing with Our Bengladesh Client on Sardine Fish Oil Refinery Plant

Sardin Fish Oil Refining Process

Fish oil refining is the process of removing the impurities in fish oil. It is inevitable to have some non-glyceride co-existing components during the fish oil extraction process, such as protein, phosphatide, pigment, etc. These components not only affect the stability of fish oil, but also affect the deep processing of fish oil. Therefore, it is necessary to remove the impurities by a series of refining processes. The refining process of fish oil is mainly divided into deacidification, degumming, decolorization and deodorization.

fish oil refinery process

  • Deacidification mainly makes use of chemical reaction between caustic soda and acids of fish oil to decrease the acid.
  • Degumming or Washing is mainly to remove the gums in the fish oil
  • Decolorization mainly removes the impurities that are harmful
  • Deodorization takes off the odor smell

3TPD Sardine Fish Oil Refining Equipment Ready for Shipment to Bangladesh

the main fish oil refinery plant loading on the truck

The Main Sardine Fish Oil Refining Unit

fish oil refinery equipment loading

sardine fish oil refinery equipment to Bangladesh

No. Equipment No. Equipment
1 Refining Pot 8 Liquid Separator
2 Decolorizing Pot 9 Heat conduction Oil Furnace
3 Deodorization Pot 10 Soapstock Pot
4 Decolorizing Oil Tank 11 Precision Filter
5 Vibrating Oil Filter 12 Hot Water Tank
6 Alkali Liquor Tank 13 Fatty Acid Trap
7 Steam Generator 14 Other Installation Materials

Above is the main equipment involved in this 3TPD sardine fish oil refining line that has been packed and loaded for shipment. When all the equipment arrived the factory site, we will have technical engineers to Bangladesh to help our customer install and commission all the equipment to ensure its normal operation. We have undertook a lot of oil processing plant project in the world and gained rich experiences about quick problem solutions. If you are also interested in small fish oil refinery, please get in touch with us for more detailed information!

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