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Knowledge of Sacha Inchi Oil

Plukenetia volubilis Linneo, also known as South American oil cane, inca fruit, inca star fruit, inca peanut, also called Sacha Inchi or Inca Inchi in Quechua, belongs to euphorbiaceae perennial lignoliana, native to the tropical rain forest of the andes region of South America, which is longer than 80 ~ 1700m above sea level. The fruit is radiate star shape, fruiting type is plump and beautiful 4 to hexagon, at least 3 petal, have 8 petal at most, each petal has seed one. (Latest Post: Hemp Seed Oil Press Machine)

Sacha Inchi Seeds and Sacha Inchi Oil

The seed shell was removed and the white kernel was obtained. The oil content of sacha inchi kernel is very high, reaching 56%, which is mainly composed of essential unsaturated fatty acids Omega3 and Omega6. The unsaturated fatty acids in sacha inchi kernel oil are more than 93%, which is the highest unsaturated fatty acid content of vegetable oil found so far. Sacha Inchi Oil also contains more than 50% linolenic acid, an omega-3 fatty acid, much higher than other conventional oils. Therefore, Sacha Inchi Oil was awarded the gold medal for its excellent quality at the 2004 World Edible Oil Expo in Paris. (See more about Vegetable Oil Production Line)

How to Extract Sacha Inchi Oil?

The sacha inchi seed oil extracting process is not complicated, including shelling, crushing, pressing and filtration. Physical oil pressing method is now the most popular oil extraction technology for various vegetable oilseeds. The detailed sacha inchi oil extraction process is as below.

small sacha inchi oil pressing machines
Small Sacha Inchi Seed Oil Pressing Machines

  • Shelling: This process is to remove the shell of sacha inchi seeds and get the kernels.
  • Crushing: Use professional equipment to crush the sacha inchin kernels into small pieces so as to ensure higher oil output in the next process.
  • Pressing: This is the heart of sacha inchi oil extraction process. Usually, the screw oil press expeller is recommended since it is easy to use and requires no additives. The crushed kernel pieces are loaded into sacha inchi oil press machine, under the great pressure of screw shaft and screw worms, the oil is extracted. This process only obtain the crude sacha inchi oil that may still contain some impurities.
  • Filtration: Crude sacha inchi oil extracted from the oil press machine is easy to get rid of the organic impurities by oil filter machine. Then, the pure and clean sacha inchi oil is produced.

Sacha Inchi Oil Press Machine for Sales

ABC Machinery provides various sacha inchi oil press machine for different production capacity and requirements. All of these machine is screw type oil extraction machine. Compared to other types machinery, screw oil press machine has many highlights in the operation and production cost. (See more about Moringa Seed Oil Extraction Machine)

small sacha inchi oil press machine for sales
Small Sacha Inchi Oil Press Machine
automatic sacha inchi oil extraction machine
Automatic Sacha Inchi Oil Extraction Machine
  • It is cheap to get, easy to install and use, requires less maintenance
  • It is not only suitable for small scale sacha inchi oil extraction business, but also can form large scale oil extraction plant for industrial use.
  • It is compact in size and great in design, highly efficient for oil pressing
  • It is vailable for a variety of seeds, including moringa seeds, black seed, soybean, sunflower seeds, peanut and more. 
  • It is be equipped with oil filter machine and automatic temperature controlling system for greatest results. 


Cold Pressing Sacha Inchi Oil

  1. A wide range of application. It can press more than 20 kinds of oil plant seeds, such as soybean, peanut, sesame, rapeseed, sunflower, olive, palm, coconut and flax seed, etc.
  2. High oil yield and purer oil. The equipped vacuum filter is used to remove residue to ensure the pure oil quality and meet the standards of health quarantine.
  3. Labor and electricity saving. Screw oil press saves 60% labor for equal output, and one or two people are able to operate independently.
  4. Covering little space. An area of 10-20m*m workshop is enough, thus it is suitable for small and medium-size oil extruding workshops or professional

ABC Machinery is the most reliable manufacturer of Oil Press Machine for various seeds, focusing on the oil pressing method and oil refining technology. If you have any questions about the sacha inchi oil press machine, please get in touch with us for the technical data!

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