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cottonseed oilAs an important vegetable oil, cottonseed oil has been used as cooking oil for a long time, especially in countries like the United States, China, Afghanistan, India and more. Cottonseed oil is extracted from seeds of cotton plant by different extracting methods. Similar to other oil-bearing seeds, cotton seed has outer shell and the kernel in the shell is the main part that contains cottonseed oil. The oil content of cotton seed kernel is about 35% ~ 45%, and protein is about 39% and 0.2%-2% of cotton phenol. However, the cotton phenol should be removed if the cotton seed oil is used as edible oil. And it is fairly easy to remove it through advance oil refinery technology. Since it is much cheaper than olive oil and canola oil, cottonseed oil is now widely used in the production of food, bread, snacks, margarine and other, not just used as the raw material for crisco shortening or potato chips. (You may also be interested in How to Setup Cottonseed Oil Mill Plant>>)

Cottonseed Oil Extraction Machine

ABC Machinery has a wide range of oil extracting machine for cottonseed oil production. The integrated oil machine is advanced oil processing machine developed from single screw oil expeller machine.

integrated cottonseed oil extraction machine for sale

Integrated Cottonseed Oil Extraction Machine at Factory Price

For optimal oil output, the integrated oil extractting machine is designed with auto temperature control cabinet that can control the oil pressing temperature automatically and greatly shorten the pre-heating time of the oil machine itself. What is more, to ease the cotton seed oil production process, it is equipped with oil filter machine. Thus, the crude cottonseed oil coming out from the pressing cage can be directly filtered to remove the large foreign impurities. The state-of-the-art design combined with practical functions make this oil production machine is popular among customer at home and abroad.

This cottonseed oil extraction machine is also suitable for many other oil-bearing seeds, like these that has similar structure of cotton seeds, such as sunflower seeds, palm kernels, moringa seeds and more. This integrated cottonseed oil expeller machine is ideal choice for movable oil making store, small oil factory, small oil production lines and more. We have many oil pressing plant projects that was set up with this integrated oil extraction expeller, like 10 tons per day sunflower oil production plant in Moldova.

Cottonseed Oil Extraction Process

The production of cottonseed oil involves a series of processing steps, including seeds treatment, oil pressing and oil refining.
cottonseed oil production process

  • Cottonseed treatment

Any plant seeds should be cleaned thoroughly to remove impurities, this is the same to cotton seeds. Cotton seeds cleaning is done for high oil output and low oil loss. Cracking the kernel from cotton seed into adequate size is also important for cottonseed oil pressing. In order to ensure high oil output and enlarge the area of cotton seed embryo between the pressing screw, flaking is necessary. Then, cotton seed oil treatment comes to the last step cooking. Cooking is mainly to process best cotton seed flakes by controlling its the moisture through adjusting the cooking temperature.

  • Cottonseed oil pressing

The core step to get cotton seed oil is oil pressing. Using our integrated cotton seed oil expeller can ensure higher quality and purer crude cottonseed oil. It is easy to operate, not have complicated operations. And it enables clean and sanitary cotton seed oil production.

  • Cottonseed oil refining

As we all known, crude cottonseed oil contains high levels of gossypol, it can be used as edible oil directly. Edible cottonseed oil needs several refining process to remove harmful, inedible and unhealthy impurities, including degumming, deacidification, dewaxing, decolorization, deodorization. (Read more about 30TPD Cotton Seed Oil Refining Plant in Afghanistan>>)

Cotton Seed Oil Meal

cottonseed oil meal from integrated oil extraction machineThere are some by-products of cottonseed oil production. The cottonseed shell can be used to decompose hemicellulose to extract xylose. The cottonseed oil meal or oil cake are great livestock feed, or used as fertilizer of mushroom cultivation. Anyway, high quality cotton seed oil meal also can add more values on the cotton seed oil production.

ABC Machinery is the top oil press machine manufacturer in China. We provide various oil extracting equipment for clients who desire for low cost and high quality oil extraction press expeller. If you are interested in our cottonseed oil extraction machine or the cotton seed oil extraction process, please contact us for more information.

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